Hotel with grey bed and white chairs.

Luxurious Dog-Friendly Hotels Around the World

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An exquisite holiday doesn’t mean you need to leave your furry friends behind. Quite the contrary, in fact! Here are 10 incredibly luxurious hotels that will pamper both you and your pooch. The Langham Hotel, Sydney, Australia If you want to travel in style while in Sydney, Australia, you’ll want to visit one of the only luxury hotels that allow …

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Things You Don’t Expect To Happen When Moving Abroad

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Moving abroad was an incredibly exciting time for my husband and I (and our Sheepadoodle, Kaya). Originally from Canada, We’ve been living in Europe for 4 years now, and while it’s been an incredible experience, there have been many things that I didn’t expect. Before we moved, I read everything I possibly could about becoming a trailing spouse (a term …

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5 Unique Dog Hotels in the United States

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Traveling with your dog is an exciting experience. But finding pet-friendly accommodations can often be difficult. These unique dog-friendly hotels in the United States go above and beyond for your pooch, which means the whole family will be able to enjoy the trip! 1. Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho This is undoubtedly a time where the phrase “I’m in …

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5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Cruises

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Are you thinking of bringing your dog along for the adventure of their lifetime? Instead of bringing them for hikes or mountaineering activities? Or perhaps you wish to bring your dog overseas? Why not choose to take your dog on a cruise instead? It can be a pretty exciting experience for your dog. Find out what are some of the …

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Best Toys for Sheepadoodles

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Being a Sheepadoodle owner is a lot of work. Between grooming, training and keeping our Sheepadoodle well-exercised, we often wonder what we did with all of our time prior to having her in our family! And if you landed on this article, it’s likely because you, too, love your Sheepadoodle to the moon and back and want to find out …

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Paws After a Walk

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During winter, your furry friends may risk suffering irritation that comes from walking on the salted sidewalks. During such circumstances, it is especially essential that you clean your dog’s paws after a walk. Maybe your dog is one of those beauties with skin that is extremely sensitive to cold weather as well as different weather elements, which dictates that special …

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The Best Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming

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Are you in the market for a new dog dryer? Standing dryers are an excellent substitute to a regular dog dryer. A stand dryer for dog grooming is a hair drying device that is very similar to human dryers, albeit a bit larger. Warm air is sent out by the motor at a set temperature or chosen speed to ensure …

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The Ultimate Guide to Doodle Grooming

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In this post, you’ll learn how to groom your Doodle-type-dog, including a groomer’s secret trick for removing stubborn mats. When I first wrote this post, I wrote it for Sheepadoodle owners (as I owner a Sheepadoodle), however, these grooming tips can be applied to many different doodle dogs. As their hair and coat-type is quite similar, you’ll be able to …

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Best Dog Crates for Air Travel

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If you have to fly with your dog, you will want to make sure you buy a dog crate that is specifically made for airline travel. You can fly with your pet either in the cargo or bring him in the cabin, as long as your dog is in an airline-approved crate or kennel. An IATA-approved dog crate is designed …