Here’s What Sheepadoodle Owners Wish They Knew Before Getting a Sheepadoodle

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It’s no secret that I love my Sheepadoodle (so much so, that I decided to create “I love my Sheepadoodle” apparel). But Sheepadoodles aren’t for everybody and it’s important to do as much research as possible before you decide to add this big hypoallergenic dog to your family. Whether you are considering a Sheepadoodles (or Mini Sheepadoodles), or you’re waiting …

Bernedoodle puppy

A Directory of Bernedoodle Breeders to Find a Puppy

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You’re looking for a new dog and you’ve decided on a Bernedoodle (or Mini Bernedoodle) and now it’s time to find some Bernedoodle puppies for sale! We’ve put together a directory of Bernedoodle breeders across the United States and Canada to help you narrow down your search. Before we dive into the list of Bernedoodle breeders, here are some crucial …

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Labradoodle Breeders

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Do you want to find Labradoodle puppies? We’ve put together a list of Labradoodle breeders to help you find one in your area. But first, make sure you read our posts on Labradoodles and Mini Labradoodles to find out if these dogs are actually the right dogs for you and your family. Here are a few essential items to note: …

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Everything you need to know about Pet Passports

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Since the year 2000, people have been able to travel with their pets alongside on overseas trips. Traveling with a pet passport makes crossing the border into different states and countries much easier. But what is a pet passport exactly? Well, in the EU, pet passports are official documents given to animals just like they are given to people! A …

Sheepadoodle cuddling girl

Sheepadoodle Spotlight

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Every month, we feature a select number of Sheepadoodles from our private Facebook group. If you are thinking of getting a Sheepadoodle, our spotlight will help you get a glimpse into the personalities of this breed! December Spotlight We have five incredibly cute Sheepies to get to know for the month of December! Oliver Our sweet mini sheepadoodle,Oliver, is almost …

Bride, groom and dog walking in an old European town

Here’s Why Eloping With Family is The Best

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Many brides are beginning to look to elopments versus traditional weddings. Eloping offers a wide range of benefits: a larger selection of destinations less planning less costly no pressure for guests to attend a pricey destination wedding Traditionally, an elopement is defined as a runaway couple secretly wedding without parental permission. But nowadays, elopements are usually couples who wish to …

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The Best Big Hypoallergenic Dogs: Non Shedding or Low Dander Dogs for Your Family

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Finding a large dog when you have allergies can be challenging! If you suffer from allergies but want a furry companion in your life, you should look to hypoallergenic dogs. Hypoallergenic dogs cause minimal allergic reactions in humans. Although no dog can be truly hypoallergenic, you may find more relief around dogs classified as hypoallergenic. Typically, dog allergies are caused …

Golden puppy standing on a treadmill

The Best Treadmills for Dogs

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While treadmills are no substitute for outdoor walks, there’s a time and a place when treadmills for dogs are an excellent option. Today, I’m going to help you understand when a treadmill will make a good supplement to your dog’s exercise routine and help you pick out a treadmill for your dog. I vividly remember the first time I considered a …

Orange tent with woman and dog standing on mountain

5 Essential Items for Camping With Your Dog

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The only thing better than a family camping trip is a family camping trip with your pet dog! (Or dogs if you are lucky enough to have more than one). Taking your dog into the great outdoors for a wilderness adventure can be great fun for both you and your dog… But you are not at home and so you …