6 Best Doodle Rescues in California

Doodles are among the most adorable dogs available. These designer dogs come in a wide variety, depending on which dog breed is mixed with a Poodle. Unfortunately, many Doodles end up in rescue shelters. If you live in California and are looking to adopt a rescue Doodle, you need to contact Doodle rescues in California … Read more

9 Easy-to-Maintain Goldendoodle Haircuts

Stylist goldendoodle haircuts.

Everyone loves Goldendoodles because of their playful and friendly nature. And with the right Goldendoodle haircuts, you can have a spiffy new haircut to match their personality! Many wonder what types of Goldendoodle haircuts should to choose. A lot depends on the texture of your Doodle’s coat, but there are some fantastic Goldendoodle haircut styles … Read more

7 of the Best Doodle Rescues in Texas

Doodle rescues in Texas.

Want to add a Doodle dog to your family but prefer to adopt? To bring home a Doodle in Texas, you’ll need to contact a reliable breeder. But if you’re interested in adopting abandoned Doodles, contact these Doodle Rescues in Texas. What are Doodle Dogs? Doodles, also known as “designer dogs” are dogs that are … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Pyredoodles: Great Pyrenees and Poodle Mix

Pyredoodles 101: Two big white dogs standing beside eachother.

Droopy ears, endearing eyes, a large and huggable body—that’s Pyredoodle for you! They’re designer dogs who are calm and fearless—not to mention one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever find. Altogether, Pyredoodles make incredible pets! Let’s find out more about these cute furry creatures. What is a Pyredoodle? View this post on Instagram A … Read more