F1 vs F2 vs F1b Goldendoodle Generations

An image of a shaggy dog with the words "F1 vs F2 vs F1b Goldendoodles"

If you’re a dog lover who loves cute, furry pets, you probably know about Goldendoodles. Did you know that it’s a “designer dog” that has come into being due to crossbreeding? That means it is a hybrid of two purebred dogs. These cuties come in different varieties, the most popular being the F1 Goldendoodle, F2 … Read more

Goldendoodle Breeders in the United States and Canada

Dog with puppies with text that reads: Goldendoodle breeders.

You’ve done your research and now you’re looking to find Goldendoodle Breeders near you! Please use this director of Goldendoodle breeders to find one in The United States and Canada. We’ve listed them alphabetically by State/Province so you can quickly find the closest ones near you. But before diving into the directory, let’s go over … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Teacup Goldendoodles (Toy Poodle Golden Retriever Mix)

Small gold dog with text that reads: teacup goldendoodles.

If you’re in search of a small dog that doesn’t shed, look no further than the Teacup Goldendoodle. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these Doodle dogs, including whether or not you should consider adding a Teacup Goldendoodle to your family. In this article we cover everything you need to … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Shepadoodles: German Shepherd Poodle Mixed-Breed Dog

A German Shepherd dog.

Are you thinking about getting a Shepadoodle? These incredibly intelligent and loyal dogs are a favorite for those who want the qualities of a German Shepherd but would like a no to low-shedding hypoallergenic dog. These Doodle-type dogs are playful, smart, and loving. They inherit the best traits of both of their parents: the German … Read more