8 Tips for Your Roadtrip With Your Senior Dog

Clara LouRoad Trips, Dog Safety

Imagine how your body stiffens after a long drive across the Interstate. Your dog is no exception and he too gets exhausted and weary during the journey. Especially adversities multiply for the senior dogs. Travelling with an ageing senior canine is equivalent to travelling with a 90-year-old human. A dog year is 7 human years on an average (large dog … Read More

Hiking up Poo Poo Trail with a Dog

Alexander YuCamping, Road Trips, Dog-Friendly

Seattle is known for a lot of things—coffee, Nirvana, and rain… but it’s the general dog-friendliness of the place that blows the city out of the water. Dogs in Seattle are very fortunate beings. Some of them get to follow their owners into their work offices and restaurants. But for an adventure dog, Seattle is absolute heaven. The abundance of … Read More

4 Dog Friendly Road Trips in North Carolina

Jennifer HinesRoad Trips

Offering both sunny beaches and towering mountains, North Carolina is a dog’s dream playground. They can go from rolling in the warm sand of the Outer Banks to climbing peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains in only 6 hours. It’s no wonder North Carolina is home to numerous dog-friendly road trip destinations. The next time you and your pup are … Read More

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog By Car

Dana NicoleRoad Trips, Dog Safety

This post contains affiliate links meaning we will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the products listed. The prices are not inflated to compensate for our commission! Travelling with a dog in the car can be quite a challenge for some. Not all dogs sit quietly and calmly! Some of our four-legged friends get car sick and … Read More

Traveling With Your Dog: The Stress Free Guide

Dana NicoleRoad Trips

Travelling with your dog is such a rewarding experience. Our dog Kaya is part of the family. So when we plan trips, we incorporate her in all aspects of the travel. If she can’t go somewhere, we either don’t go, or she goes to her favourite Pet Resort (where she gets treated like a queen, for real). Kaya is almost … Read More