Adopting a Labradoodle: Our Story

Adopting a Labradoodle.

We’ve officially had our Labradoodle for 2 months now, and he has been the perfect addition to our family. This post is for you if you’ve ever considered adopting a dog or want to learn how our adoption process went. How we found our Labradoodle My husband and I have fostered dogs on and off … Read more

Canoodles: The Cane Corso Poodle Mix

Canoodles 101

The Canoodle is a rare hybrid breed, a cross between the Cane Corso and Poodle. Generally, Candoodles aren’t the result of intentional breeding, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a breeder who is purposefully breeding these two dogs. Instead, you’ll find Canoodles at dog shelters and rescue agencies. If that’s the case, and you’re considering adopting … Read more

Whoodles: The Wheaten Terrier Poodle Mix

Poodles have always been a well-loved dog breed, but recently, Poodle mixed breed dogs have been taking the pet world by storm. One of the newer Poodle mixed breeds is the Wheaten Terrier Poodle Mix, known as a Whoodle. This article will explore this fascinating breed’s temperament, appearance, and more. So whether you’re a first-time … Read more

Bulldog Rescues in North America

Bulldog on the side walk

Bulldogs (also known as the English Bulldog or British Bulldog) are a very distinct-looking breed of dogs that people all over the world simply adore. Bulldogs make loyal and loving family pets and enjoy lazing around with their humans. Types of Bulldogs There are many different types of Bulldogs (just as there are different types … Read more

Are We Overreacting?

Man and woman wearing N95 masks

A week ago today, last Thursday, I was having a cold glass of prosecco, celebrating the hockey season with my husband, his teammates and the other wives. Grey skies had parted for the warm sun and yellow daffodils were starting to bloom in Germany. My husband, Tyler, is a professional hockey player and we spend … Read more

Things You Don’t Realize When Moving With Your Dog

Small dog sitting

Moving is a stressful experience. But moving with dogs or children can make everything seem much more chaotic and hectic. We’ve done six international moves with our dog because of my husband’s job, and while moving day is my least favorite day of the year, we’ve figured out lots of little hacks that help moving … Read more

The Best Travel Accessories for Your Dog

A white dog

There can be so much to think about when trying to plan a trip with your dog. Whether you are roadtripping or flying, it almost feels like your pooch needs a bigger suitcase than you! We love our pets and always want to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything crucial. On our most recent trip … Read more

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