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What You Need to do Before You Bring Your Sheepadoodle Puppy Home

By Dana Nicole | November 27, 2019
Sheepadoodle puppy being kissed

The time has finally come where you are about to bring home your Sheepadoodle (or mini Sheepadoodle!) puppy! You made sure to research the best Sheepadoodle breeders, put your deposit down, and you are now counting down the days to pick your sweet fluffball up! But what exactly should you …

How to Clean Your Dog’s Paws After a Walk

By Dana Nicole | October 8, 2019

During winter, your furry friends may risk suffering irritation that comes from walking on the salted sidewalks. During such circumstances, it is especially essential that you clean your dog’s paws after a walk. Maybe your dog is one of those beauties with skin that is extremely sensitive to cold weather …

The Best Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming

By Dana Nicole | October 3, 2019

Are you in the market for a new dog dryer? Standing dryers are an excellent substitute to a regular dog dryer. A stand dryer for dog grooming is a hair drying device that is very similar to human dryers, albeit a bit larger. Warm air is sent out by the …

The Ultimate Guide to Sheepadoodle Grooming

By Dana Nicole | September 17, 2019

In this post, you’ll learn how to groom your Sheepadoodle. These grooming tips can be applied to many different doodle dogs. As their hair and coat-type is quite similar, you’ll be able to use many of the same tools for a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle. Keep reading to find out more! …

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Travelling With A Dog

Hi! My name is Dana and if you’ve ever referred to yourself as a “crazy dog mom/dad” then you are in the right place! Travelling With a Dog was started by myself after moving across the world with our Sheepadoodle for my husband’s work. I began this blog as a way to share information to those who wanted to travel with their dogs. Travelling with a dog is a community of dog-lovers who treat their furbabies like family members and like to experience all of life’s adventures with them! Welcome to our crazy-dog-loving family!



Travelling With A Dog

is a community of dog owners who are committed to ensuring their furry-friends are comfortable and at ease during their travels!

Our writers are experienced in taking their dogs everywhere with them, from local camping trips to international moves, so whether you plan to take your dog on a local hike or travel across the world, Travelling With a Dog will help you plan your travels for you and your pup!

Must-Have Accessories When Traveling With Your Dog

Dog Back Pack

A backpack for your dog filled with a few lightweight essentials (distributed evenly) is something that any working dog breed would love to carry! Click here to browse dog backpacks.


Not only to protect your friend's paws in harsh conditions, but these are great for when you encounter an unforeseeable paw injury while traveling. Click here to browse dog shoes.

Airline Approved Crate

An airline approved crate keeps your pal safe during air travel and can be used to keep them safe during road trips as well. (Check with your airline for crate requirements prior to purchasing). Click here to browse airline approved crates.

Collapsible Food/Water Dish

Make sure your dog always has a clean dish to eat and drink their food with these compact dishes. Perfect for on the go! Click here to browse travel accessories for dogs.