3 Steps To Get An Emotional Support Animal


If you suffer from anxiety or any type of mental illness, some airlines allow you to bring an emotional support animal with you in cabin to help you feel calm and at ease while you fly.

Today, we are going to cover the steps to get an emotional support animal. Taking these steps will not ensure that you are guaranteed a spot on an airplane with your ESA.

Step 1: Learn If Your Quality

You will need to find a Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP) who is able to verify that your illness requires an ESA.

Although dogs are one of the most popular choices for ESA’s, you are not limited to having a dog.

Step 2: Get Your Animal

Step 3: Get In Touch With A Mental Health Professional

If you have a therapist, you should speak with them about writing you up a note.

This note serves as your prescription, essentially, and is the note you will need to provide to any airlines when needing to travel with your animal.

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