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Our apparel was created for the dog owners who have been known to say "I'm sorry, I can't come. I have plans with my dog." We think that's a perfectly valid reason to stay in.

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Best Dog Ramps for Older Dogs

By Mira Peters | April 12, 2021
Picture of small dog with text overlay: best dog ramps for older dogs.

One thing in your arsenal of pet gear you need to have is a dog ramp. As your dog gets older, they may find it difficult to get up to their favorite places, like snuggling you on the couch! Ramps help your dog get up to places where they might …

Training a Goldendoodle

By Alex Oldenburg | March 31, 2021
A Goldendoodle dog with text overlay: Goldendoodle training.

Getting a new Goldendoodle puppy is an exciting time—after all, you will have a hard time finding a cuter companion!  However, getting a Goldendoodle (or Mini Goldendoodle) puppy also comes with a big responsibility—training your Goldendoodle puppy. And puppy behavior, while it may seem cute at first, loses its appeal …

Doxiepoo (Dachshund Poodle Mix)

By Mira Peters | March 23, 2021
A Dachshund dog laying in bed with the text "Doxiepoos 101".

Poodle mix breeds are rising in popularity. One popular mix is the Doxiepoo (also known as a Doxiedoodle). People love the Doxiepoo because of its loving temperament, non-shedding coat, and it’s small stature! Let’s learn more about this type of Poodle mix so you can decide whether or not its …

Labradoodles vs Goldendoodles

By Mira Peters | March 19, 2021
Two large brown dogs with the text "Labradoodles vs Goldendoodles".

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are two of the most popular Poodle mixes around! And while they share many similarities, they are both different in their own way. Today, we are going to dive deep into the differences between the Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle so you know which dog is the right fit …

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Travelling With A Dog

Hi! I’m Dana. I started Travelling With a Dog while living abroad and travelling with my Sheepadoodle, Kaya. What started as a fun side project is now a resource where dog lovers from all over the world come to learn about different dog breeds, dog products and ways to incorporate their dogs into all of life’s adventures!

Must-Have Accessories When Traveling With Your Dog

Dog Back Pack

A backpack for your dog filled with a few lightweight essentials (distributed evenly) is something that any working dog breed would love to carry! Click here to browse dog backpacks.


Not only to protect your friend's paws in harsh conditions, but these are great for when you encounter an unforeseeable paw injury while traveling. Click here to browse dog shoes.

Airline Approved Crate

An airline approved crate keeps your pal safe during air travel and can be used to keep them safe during road trips as well. (Check with your airline for crate requirements prior to purchasing). Click here to browse airline approved crates.

Collapsible Food/Water Dish

Make sure your dog always has a clean dish to eat and drink their food with these compact dishes. Perfect for on the go! Click here to browse travel accessories for dogs.