Doodle Grooming: The Complete Guide

In this story, you’ll learn how to groom your Doodle-type-dog, including a groomer’s secret trick for removing stubborn mats.

These grooming tips can be applied to many different doodle dogs. As the hair and coat types are similar for all Doodles breed dogs, you can apply this guide to whichever Doodle you own!

Why Should Your Groom Your Doodle at Home?

Some dogs don’t like going to the groomer, and it causes much stress and anxiety for them.

– Pin brush – Comb – Slicker brush – Dematting brush

Tools Needed for Doodle-Dog Grooming

Wahl Clippers Body Clippers Scissors Nail clippers Dremel


1. Brush/Comb your Doodle and Remove Any Mats Mats are incredibly painful for our furry-friends.

How to Groom Your Sheepadoodle at Home

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