Tools Needed to Groom Your Doodle Dog

In this story, you’ll learn which tools you need to groom a Doodle dog, including a groomer's secret to removing stubborn mats!

If you own any type of Doodle breed dog, such as a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Sheepadoodle, you can use these tools because their hair and coat types are similar.

Pin Brush

The pin brush removes knots and tangles and should be used daily.


After using a pin brush, comb through the hair to remove any lose hair. Make sure to comb through from skin to tip of the hair.

Nail clippers

Use nail clippers (or a dremel) to keep nails from getting too long.


Use clippers on the face and body (on clean hair) if you're grooming your Doodle at home.


Scissors are great for legs, paws, tail, and any other areas you'd prefer cutting by hand.

Dematting tools

Groomer's secret: sprinkle cornstarch on mats and use a dematting tool to gently work out the mat.

Blow drier

Use this blow drier (swipe up to shop) to dry your Doodle after baths. This drier gives that fluffy "just-came-home-from-the-groomer" look!

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