Tips for Grooming a Doodle Dog

In this story, you’ll learn how to groom a Doodle dog, which tools are best, and a groomer's secret for removing stubborn mats.

As the hair and coat types are similar for all Doodles breed dogs, you can apply this guide to whichever Doodle you own! Whether you want to groom a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Sheepadoodle (or others), this guide is for you.

–Pin brush –Comb –Slicker brush –Dematting brush -Clippers + scissors -Nail trimmers Shampoo -Blow drier

Tools Needed for Doodle-Dog Grooming (swipe up for links)

Step 1

Brush and remove any mats prior to bathing.  Groomers secret: Sprinkle some cornstarch on the mat and gently work it in with your fingers. Then, take your slicker brush or dematting brush and gently start brushing through the mat.

Step 2

It's a good idea to bathe before beginning any cutting or shaving because dirt and debris will dull your blades. Before bathing, you must make sure all knots, tangles, and mats are removed or else they will become worse afterward.

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