The Complete Guide to Huskydoodles

The Huskypoo, also known as a Huskydoodle, a Siberpoo, and a Siberdoodle is a unique mixed breed dog.

It's a blend of two very intelligent and energetic breeds: a Poodle and a Husky.

What does a Huskydoodle look like?

As a result, you get a dog that's affectionate, intelligent, protective, and hard working.

Huskypoo’s tend to have shaggy coats that are a mix between the Poodle’s curly coat and the Husky’s straight double coat.


What makes Huskypoos unique from other Doodle-type dogs is their eyes.  Often, Huskypoos inherit striking blue eyes from their Husky parent. These eyes contrast beautifully with their colorful coats.

A Huskiedoodle’s fur coat color comes from the Husky parent and can be a blend of white, black, gray, and brown.

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