The Top Pyredoodles Tips: Great Pyrenees and Poodle Mix

They’re designer dogs who are calm and fearless—not to mention one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever find. Altogether, Pyredoodles make incredible pets!

A Pyredoodle is a Doodle breed dog that has earned the love and admiration of dog lovers. It is a cross between Standard Poodle and Great Pyrenees.

What does a Pyredoodle look like?

Their floppy ears, tiny eyes, and thick coat make them one of the cutest among large hypoallergenic dog breeds.


Pyredoodle dog will also have a thick double coat. It is also a low shedding breed.


Usually, Pyredoodle dogs have coats with a solid color. However, a mix of two shades on the fur is also not uncommon.

The average height of a male Pyredoodle dog in its adult stage is about 28-32 inches, and that of a female Pyredoodle is 22-26 inches.

Height and Weight

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