The Ultimate Guide to Aussiedoodles

It’s hard to pick a favorite Doodle dog, but many Doodle owners absolutely adore the Aussiedoodle.

If you're thinking about getting an Aussie doodle as a family pet, here's everything you need to know before making the commitment, including why they aren't the right dog for everyone.

What is an Aussiedoodle?

The Aussiedoodle, also known as an “ozzydoodle”, Aussie poo, or Aussie doo, is a crossbreed between two breeds: the Poodle with the Australian Shepherd.

As well as being highly smart, Aussiedoodles are loyal, playful, love spending time with their humans, and reportedly make excellent therapy dogs. What more could you want?!

Aussiedoodles are tall-ish dogs with a slim build, a teddy bear appearance, and fluffy and shaggy hair when allowed to grow long.

What Does An Aussiedoodle Look Like?

The Australian Shepherd dogs can be red or red merle, black, blue merle, and can also have white markings and tan points around their body.

Aussiedoodle’s Coat & Colors

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