The Ultimate Guide to Corgipoos: The Poodle and Corgi Mix

Small, furry, and cute enough to melt your heart—a Corgi Doodle is the type of pet that you’ll love to show off!

If you’ve fallen inlove with these cute pups but want to learn whether or not a Corgi Doodle is the right pup for you, keep reading!

What is a Corgi Doodle?

Corgi Doodles are a cross between the Miniature Poodle and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

What does a Corgi Doodle look like?

These fur-balls also have round faces with a foxy muzzle and curious, dark almond-shaped eyes.


The outer layer is dense, wiry, and waterproof. On the other hand, the inner coat layer is soft and fuzzy to keep the pooch warm.

They are about 10-12 inches in height and weigh between 12 and 30 pounds.

Height and Weight

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