The Ultimate Guide to Dalmadoodles (Dalmatian Poodle Mix)

Are you curious to see if a Dalmadoodle is the missing piece to your home's puzzle? Let's pack some treats and hit the information highway to learn more about the unique Dalmatian Poodle mix.

While we’ll cover tons of facts about Dalmadoodles in this story, we’ll also be discussing who shouldn’t get one. Ready? Let’s jump in!

What is a Dalmadoodle?

The Dalmadoodle comes from breeding a Dalmatian and Poodle together.

Some Dalmadoodles come out with coat-colored patterns like a typical dalmatian, other’s may come out mostly black or mostly white.

Dalmadoodle appearance

Average Male Dalmadoodle Size: – Height: 21-23 inches – Weight: 45-70 pounds

Height & Weight

Average Female Dalmadoodle Size: – Height: 20-22 inches – Weight: 41-60 pounds

They are very loving, friendly, and playful with their family members and can be with strangers as well once they are acquainted with them.

Dalmadoodle temperament and personality

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