The Ultimate Guide to Newfypoos: Newfoundland and Poodle Mix

A Newfypoo dog is a gentle giant with a sweet temperament and affectionate nature. This dog breed gets its intelligence and warmth from its parents.

The scruffy bear-like appearance makes it look like a big teddy bear, and the temperament that it inherits from its parent breeds makes it a lovable pet for everyone.

What is a Newfypoo?

A Newfypoo is a Doodle breed dog, i.e., a mixed breed born by crossing Newfoundland and Poodle.

What does a Newfypoo look like?

These dogs, especially the bigger ones, are sturdy and muscular. They also have a dense coat that keeps the dog—and its cuddler—warm and happy.


Newfypoo dogs have thick coats covered with curly or wavy fur. The hair on the body of this gentle giant is oily and water-resistant.

Most commonly, Newfypoos come in three dark shades, as mentioned below:


- Gray - Brown - Black

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