The Ultimate Guide to Pugapoos: Pug Poodle Mix

Among the designer dogs that have gained popularity in the last two decades, Pugapoo is comparatively lesser-known. That doesn’t mean it’s any less cute or intelligent than other mixed breed dogs.

You cannot expect them to guard your house or chase after an attacker—but if you’re looking for a cuddle or two, the Pug Poodle mix can be the perfect pet for you!

Pug Poodle Mix Appearance: What Does a Pugapoo Look Like?

A Pug Poodle mix will also most likely have drop ears. Its neck is generally quite short, and the body is small.

Pugapoo Personality and Temperament

The only thing you can expect from a Pugapoo with certainty is a fun-loving nature.

Pug Poodle Mix Exercise Needs

Pugapoo breed needs some regular exercise for physical and mental stimulation and to keep away obesity-induced health problems.

Since Pugapoo pups are rarely bred and not very popular, you can expect a reputable breeder to charge you around $600 for a puppy, assuming you can find a breeder.

Pug Poodle Mix Price

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