The Ultimate Guide to Pugapoos

A Pugapoo, also known as Pugoodle or Pugadoodle, is a mix of two interesting purebred dogs: Pug and Poodle. Both of these dog breeds are amazingly adorable.

You cannot expect them to guard your house or chase after an attacker—but if you’re looking for a cuddle or two, the Pug Poodle mix can be the perfect pet for you!

What Does a Pugapoo Look Like?

Pug Poodle mix puppies of the same litter may differ in appearance, with different characteristics inherited from each of the parent dog breeds.

Pugapoo Personality and Temperament

Pugapoo puppy can have a wide variety of character traits. The only thing you can expect from a Pugapoo with certainty is a fun-loving nature.

Pug Poodle Mix Exercise Needs

Pugapoo breed needs some regular exercise for physical and mental stimulation and to keep away obesity-induced health problems.

Since Pugapoo pups are rarely bred and not very popular, you can expect a reputable breeder to charge you around $600 for a puppy, assuming you can find a breeder.

Pug Poodle Mix Price

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