The Ultimate Guide to Pyredoodles: Great Pyrenees and Poodle Mix

Droopy ears, endearing eyes, a large and huggable body—that’s Pyredoodle for you! Let’s find out more about these cute furry creatures.

Pyredoodle dogs are gentle and affectionate, and they can be really protective of their family, especially children. Pyredoodle is the perfect choice for you and your home.

What does a Pyredoodle look like?

Their floppy ears, tiny eyes, and thick coat make them one of the cutest among large hypoallergenic dog breeds.


The texture of the Pyredoodle’s hair may vary from straight to wavy or may even be curly. The coat does not shed much and is fairly allergy-friendly.


The most popular color of a Pyredoodle dog is cream or white. However, these dogs also come in other shades like gray, apricot, and black.

The average height of a male Pyredoodle dog in its adult stage is about 28-32 inches, and that of a female Pyredoodle is 22-26 inches.

Height and Weight

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