The Ultimate Guide to Sheepadoodles

The Sheepadoodle (sometimes known as the Sheepapoo, Sheepadoo, and Sheepoodle) is a popular dog for its intelligence and loveable nature.

In this story, you’re going to learn everything there is about Sheepadoodles, including why they make great dogs, who they’re best suited for, and who should consider a different breed.

Different Sheepadoodle Generations

There are four different types of Sheepadoodles : F1, F1b, F2 and mini.


A full-grown adult Sheepadoodle weighs around 45-80 pounds and stands 13-28 inches tall.

Standard Sheepadoodle

Poodles have a curly coat while Old English Sheepdogs have straight thick hair. Because of this, your Sheepadoodle can inherit anything from straight to curly.


Black and white Sheepadoodles are the most common, but you’ll also see pure white, pure grey, white and grey, tri-colored (brown, black, and white), and merle.


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