What to Do When You Can’t Bring Your Dog Travelling


Sometimes, as much as you like, you just can’t bring your dog with you travelling.

As first-time dog owners with our whippet puppy some 7 years ago now, we had the view that our dog wouldn’t alter our social life. How wrong we were!

Day-care was relatively straightforward. We quickly found wonderful dogwalkers (and now friends). Going to work and knowing our pets are stimulated, loved and cared for means the world to us.

If your dog is relaxed and without anxieties when away from home you may have the choice of any setting.

Research is key. Go and meet or visit any kennel, sitter or home situation you intend to leave your dog in.

Personal recommendations are great but bear in mind your own dog’s needs. Ensure that the setting and most importantly the people are suitable for you and your pet(s) way of life.

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