Canoodles: The Cane Corso Poodle Mix

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility, so knowing its behavior, temperament, diet, and health issues is extremely important.

Before we go ahead and learn about the traits of the Cane Corso Poodle mix, let’s take a brief look at the parent dogs.

Cane Corsos are mastiff dogs, and they are also known as Molossers. Molossers are great guard dogs, and people from earlier ages used to keep them for their security.

Cane Corso History

Cane Corso is a hyperactive dog. It loves to play and run around. This dog breed is also super intelligent and will easily follow your commands.

Poodles History

Poodles were popular as working dogs, and people bred them as duck hunters. Standard Poodles are pretty big in size and are the national dog of France, but originated in Germany.

Poodles have thick curly coats, which is why they are low- to no-shedding. You’ll find Poodles in different sizes such as the standard, miniature, and toy.

They are always eager to please their owners, making them very obedient and easy to manage.

Canoodle Temperament

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