Canoodles: The Cane Corso Poodle Mix

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The Canoodle is a rare cross between the Cane Corso and Poodle. Generally, Candoodles aren’t the result of intentional breeding, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a breeder who is purposefully breeding these two dogs. Instead, you’ll find Canoodles at dog shelters and rescue agencies as a result of accidental breeding.

If that’s the case, and you’re considering adopting a Cane Corso Poodle mix (or you’ve already signed the papers and want to learn more about your new pup), this guide will help you understand everything you need to know.

Let’s get started.

Cane Corso Poodle Mix: Characteristics

Canoodle Overview
Height20 to 25 inches
Weight80 to 100 pounds
Life span9 to 12 years
ColorsBrown, black, gray, and red
TemperamentAffectionate, very protective, and territorial
CoatCurly & thick coat (long to medium length coats)

A Brief History Of The Cane Corso Poodle Mix Parent Breeds

Before we go ahead and learn about the Cane Corso Poodle mix, let’s take a brief look at the parent dogs.

Cane Corso

Large black dog sitting.

Cane Corsos, also known as Molossers, are mastiff dogs. Molossers are great guard dogs and people have been using them for centuries to guard and hunt large prey. In fact, Molosser dogs originated from the giant working dog breeds that the Greeks and Romans used to breed for hunting, guarding, and keeping as watchdogs. They truly are an ancient breed!

Cane Corso is a hyperactive dog that loves to play and run around. This dog breed is also super intelligent and will easily follow your commands. While these dogs are loyal and affectionate, they can become aggressive if they sense fear from their owners.

Therefore, a Cane Corso is likely not the right choice for first-time dog owners. They need a calm and smart owner who knows how to properly train them and keep them well-mannered. Cane Corsos also needs proper socialization to prevent violent behavior with other dogs and strangers.

These dogs need regular exercise to divert their energies in the right direction and avoid destructive behavior.

Poodles History

White fluffy dog.
Standard Poodle

Regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs eve, Poodles are known as being smart, energetic, and loyal. Back in the day, Poodles were popular as working dogs, and people bred them as duck hunters. Standard Poodles are pretty big in size and are the national dog of France, but originated in Germany.

Poodles have thick curly coats, which is why they are low- to no-shedding. You’ll find Poodles in different sizes such as the standard, miniature, and toy.

Poodles are extremely friendly and loyal and require lots of attention from their owners. Because they are always eager to please, they are easy to train. Poodles are also great house pets as they are highly intelligent and can make great guard dogs as well.

Cane Corso Poodle Mix Puppy: A Detailed Description

Now let’s talk about the Cane Corso Poodle mix: These mixed-breed dogs are relatively new, and only a few generations have been recorded so far. That being said, it’s hard to know exactly what Canoodles are like since we lack enough information, however, here’s what we do know:

Canoodle Temperament

A Cane Corso Poodle mix will inherit both the Cane Corso and Poodle genetics. While Poodles are quite outgoing, Cane Corsos are somewhat stoic, and their offspring can take after either parent.

Cane Corsos, however, have a reputation for being aggressive if they aren’t trained properly and don’t have tasks to keep them busy. They are working dogs, after all, and require guidance and boundaries.

With that being said, you must be very experienced with dogs and dog behavior if you want to get a Canoodle. Canoodles require plenty of enrichment and structure.

Overall, you can expect a Canoodle to be intelligent and obedient. They’ll require a diligent owner who knows how to keep them happy and mentally enriched.


Cane Corso Poodles are always energetic and eager to play. As such, you’ll need to carve out at least two hours of your day to exercise and train your dog. These are not couch-potato dogs and training is non-negotiable.

Regular playtime is essential to divert their energies in the right direction. It will prevent them from becoming aggressive toward you, your family, strangers, and other animals.


Cane Corso Poodle mix is an intelligent dog and has inherited its intelligence from its parents. These dogs want to follow commands and need a strong leader to give them training and guidance. Plus, they want to train. As working breeds, both Poodles and Cane Corsos want a “job” to do. Training them gives them the outlet they need. We also recommend reaching out to a trainer to see other ways to keep your Canoodle happy!


Keeping Canoodles with other pets and children shouldn’t be an issue as long as you opt for early socialization.

But note that Canoodles may get a bit aggressive due to their protective and territorial instincts, so be careful when introducing them to other family members and animals.

Cane Corso Poodle Mix Appearance

Now that you are aware of what to expect from your Canoodle pup, let’s talk about its appearance, exercise needs, and appearance.

Height & Weight

The height and weight of Cane Corso Poodle mix parents are quite different. While Cane Corsos are very large dogs, Poodles are not as big. Therefore, it’s hard to predict the size of a Cane Corso Poodle mix.

However, Cane Corso Poodle mixes are also big dogs, but they generally don’t grow as tall as a Cane Corso. And these mixed-breed dogs usually grow between 20 to 25 inches tall.

The height and weight will also depend on the Poodle parent.

Cane Corsos weigh between 80 to 100 pounds and your Canoodle can definitely grow just as big. If you want a small to medium-sized dog, adopting a Canoodle likely isn’t the best idea.

Colors And Coat

Even though you see Poodles and Cane Corsos in multiple colors and mixed shades, you won’t find a Canoodle in as many colors. Cane Corso Poodle mix can be found in brown, black, grey, or red colors, and you’ll see a chest patch or different muzzle very rarely.

These pups have a curly coat very similar to Poodles. Poodles have low-shedding coats, and the Cane Corso Poodle mix can often inherit this coat, but not always.

They also have floppy ears, just like their parents but their faces look more similar to Poodles.

Exercise & Training

The canoodle is a very active dog and requires plenty of exercise and playtime. Both its Poodle and Cane Corso parents are super active dogs because they were bred for hunting and guarding. Therefore, you can’t expect your Cane Corso mix to sit silently in a corner playing with its toys.

Take them for regular walks multiple times per day and plan for at least two hours of exercise along with mental stimulation exercises like obedience training, dog tricks, and treat puzzles.


Any Doodle breed dog requires a hefty time commitment for grooming, both at home and at the groomer. You’ll need to set aside from every day to brush your dog’s coat and take them to the groomer every 6 to 8 weeks.

Food & Diet

Since Cane Corso mix is a very new breed, you must consult a vet about their diet. Feed them high-quality dog food and try to pick only the ones with clean ingredients.

Health Problems

As Canoodles are usually found in shelters, it’s challenging to determine which health issues they may have inherited from their parents.

Both Poodles and Cane Corsos may suffer from hip dysplasia, therefore, a Canoodle may suffer from this disease as well. This condition causes gradual dislocation of the hips, becoming more prominent as your dog ages. If not treated early, your dog will suffer from pain and find walking or moving difficult.

Other health issues a Canoodle may be susceptible to are:

  • Eye disorders
  • Bloating
  • Thyroid issues

To avoid any serious conditions, take your pooch for regular vet checkups.


Cane Corso Poodle mixes are best as guard dogs due to their size and overprotective nature. But pet parents must provide proper training to avoid destructive behavior or unwanted accidents.

Since this is an extremely rare dog breed, you might not find many of them in dog shelters, but you may see them from time to time in Doodle dog shelters. As these dogs have such different temperaments, it’s in the best interest of people not to purposefully breed them.

If you know how to handle your Cane Corso mix well, you and your pup will have a fun time living together.

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