Emotional Support Animal Supplies


If your dog is your emotional support animal and you plan to fly together, there are a few things that can make both of your flights easier.

In order to stop people from reaching out to pet/play with your ESA, I suggest getting a “Do Not Pet” vest. This vest will let people know that your dog is “on the job” and isn’t to be pet.

Fleece Blanket

The floors of airplane can be a bit drafty. Since your ESA will lay at your feet, you should have some kind of blanket they can curl up with to keep warm.

Some airlines require you to have dog diapers, especially for longer flights. Accidents can happen and it’s best to be prepared for them as much as possible.

Dog Diapers

Pee Pads

You should also carry a few pee pads with you in your carry-on so that during layovers, you can set one up to allow your dog to go to the bathroom.

Whether your flight is long or short, you should still bring a dish for your dog to have some water in case they get thirsty.

Food and Water Dishes

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