Jackapoo: Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix


One of the popular cross dog breeds is Jack A Poo. It’s a mix between miniature Poodle mix and Jack Russell Terrier and is part of the Doodle mix family.

While the appearance of a Jack A Poo is enough to melt your heart, is it the perfect breed for first-time pet owners? To find the answer, you must know their characteristics.

Miniature Poodles

There are so many poodle fans out there. The dog’s cute face, affectionate behavior, and curly coat are enough to win hearts.

Jack Russell Terrier

People used Jack Russells for hunting small games like rabbits, foxes, birds, etc. Like Poodles, Jack Russell is also very energetic and dislikes sitting idle.

Breed Origin

There is no solid information available on exactly when Jackpoos originated. But some say this designer canine appeared in the United States around the 1990s.

You’ll find Jack A Poo puppy in different colors like- black, white, grey, blue, brown, tan, and sometimes a mix of different colors.


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