Jackapoo: Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix

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While purebred dogs have their own reputation, crossbreed dogs have a separate fan base among dog lovers.

One of the popular cross dog breeds is Jack A Poo. It’s a mix between miniature Poodle mix and Jack Russell Terrier and is part of the Doodle mix family.

While the appearance of a Jack A Poo is enough to melt your heart, is it the perfect breed for first-time pet owners?

To find the answer, you must know their temperament, physical features, behavior, and health, exercise, and training requirements.

Jack A Poo Mixed Breed Dog Characteristics

Height10 to 16 inches
Weight13 to 25 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
TemperamentFun, smart, playful, loyal, energetic, stubborn
Price$1,000 to $2,500

A Look Into The Origin Of Jack A Poo Parent Breeds: Miniature Poodle & Jack Russell Terrier

Before we go ahead and read about the behavior, temperament, diet, etc. of the Jack A Poo, let’s take a quick glimpse into the origin of its parents.

Miniature Poodles

Small white dog sitting
Toy Poodle

There are so many poodle fans out there. The dog’s cute face, affectionate behavior, and curly coat are enough to win hearts. Poodles come in three varieties- standard, miniature, and toy poodles.

Even though poodles look like soft toys, they were originally bred as hunting dogs. Back in the day, people used them as duck hunters, so they got the name duck dogs.

Poodles are extremely intelligent, active, and fast learners. Poodle owners say that it’s quite easy to train them, and they are super friendly as family dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier

Small white dog with brown ears sitting.

Jack Russell terriers were also bred as hunting dogs in England. People used Jack Russells for hunting small games like rabbits, foxes, birds, etc. Like Poodles, Jack Russell is also very energetic and dislikes sitting idle.

Due to their hunting instinct, they love to stay engaged in some activity or the other. For the same reason, Jack Russell terriers may not be the ideal option for inexperienced dog owners.

They can be a little overwhelming to control and may turn destructive if you don’t know how to divert their energy in the right direction.

Jack Russell Poodle Mix: Appearance, Temperament, Diet, Exercise, Health Concerns & More

Both the parent breeds of Jack A Poo puppy are intelligent, active, and have hunting tendencies. While both are equally loyal to their owners, Jack Russell is a bit difficult to control.

So what characteristics does a Jack Russell Terrier Poodle mix have? Does it have the hunting instincts of its Jack Russell parent? Or is it more friendly than its Poodle parent?

The Jack Russell Poodle possesses the central characteristics of both parents. It’s friendly and energetic like the miniature poodles and has the hardworking nature of a Jack Russell.

Here is everything you need to know about this dog breed before you bring it home-

Breed Origin

There is no solid information available on exactly when Jackpoos originated. But some say this designer canine appeared in the United States around the 1990s. People call it by different names in different places.

Some common Jack A Poo names are- Jackpoodle, Jackdoodle, Jackpoo, Poojack, etc. Jackpoos have been produced accidentally since the 1990s, but people were not very aware of these designer dogs until recently.


You’ll find Jack A Poo puppy in different colors like- black, white, grey, blue, brown, tan, and sometimes a mix of different colors. Jack A Poo puppies have muscular bodies that they inherit from Jack Russell Terriers, while the coat looks more like the Poodle parent.

Jackpoodles weigh between 13 to 25 pounds and grow about 10 to 16 inches tall. As said, when it comes to the coat, the toy Poodle parent has more influence on it. Therefore, this mixed breed dog has low shedding and hypoallergenic coats.

They always have brown eyes with black noses. You’ll usually find these cross-breed pups in solid colors, but in rare cases, a combination of different colors is seen.

Jack A Poos are super cute and have an adorable face that is enough to melt the heart of any dog lover.

Jackapoo Temperament

Jackpoodle is a very active dog – pretty obvious, considering the parent dogs. They are always eager to please; hence they are willing to help you with anything they can see.

Jack Russell Poodle mix dogs can be very stubborn at times, so you need to be patient around them. While they are playful and love being active, if they don’t feel like doing something, you can’t force them.

Similarly, it might get a bit difficult to control them due to the same stubborn nature. Therefore, canine education is essential for you to deal with this bull-headed dog breed.


I have already mentioned that Jack Russell Terrier Poodle is an energetic dog. These little pups are always eager to play and run around your house.

They need lots of attention and active participation from their owners. If you’re planning to keep your Jack A Poo busy with a bunch of toys, that’s not the right puppy for you.

Failing to stimulate their energies in the right direction may make them destructive. So spend as much time as you can taking it out for walks, playing in the backyard, and teaching it dog tricks to prevent unwanted events.

Due to such a hyperactive nature, Jack A Poo is best for active families. Also, this dog breed may not be a good fit for small apartments as it loves playing and running around.


Jackpoodles are great family dogs. They love being around people, and socializing them with your neighbors and other household pets won’t be an issue.

The Jack Russell Terrier mix has inherited the friendly attitude from its Poodle parent. Therefore, they can easily mingle with children. You can even keep this high-energy dog with other pets when introduced properly.

But note that to make socialization easy, you must introduce your Jack A Poo to new situations when they are young. This doesn’t mean making them meet new dogs and people, but simply taking them out in the world where they can see and experience new sights and sounds.

As we said earlier, Jackpoodles have hunting instincts, so you must train them to make them understand that small pets—like hamsters or mice—are not something to kill or chase.


Jackpoodle is an intelligent breed. It has inherited this trait from both parents. As we already know, Jack Russells and Poodles are smart breeds, and they have passed on this characteristic to their offspring as well.

Jack Russell Poodle mixed dogs are quick to pick up new tricks, learn family rules, and detect friends and foes.

Due to their high intelligence, Jack Poos are great as guard dogs.

Exercise & Training

As Jack A Poo is a high-energy dog, physical exercise is essential for them. A daily exercise of 40 minutes to an hour is necessary to keep your dog engaged. Otherwise, it may turn hostile.

You can walk your pup in a dog park either in the morning or in the evening. But for their mental stimulation, walks are not enough.

Play regular dog games like frisbee, catch, agility, etc. Also, teach them the usual tricks like sit, stand, stay, come, and drop it.

You can take your pooch for an occasional swim as well. Swimming is a great exercise that burns lots of energy while keeping your dog happy.

Along with frequent exercise, obedience training for the dog is a must. Like I said, teach them basic commands, so they don’t get overexcited to seeing other animals or dogs.

The trainability depends on which parent breed comes through stronger. The Jack Russell terrier is a stubborn dog breed, while the Poodles are known for their easy trainability and obedience towards their owners.

Also, note that even though Jackpoodles are not very tall dogs, they are excellent jumpers, so keeping them on a leash while outdoors is the best. As these dogs love adventure and hunting, they might run to unknown territories.

It not only induces the risk of attacking others but makes them vulnerable to threats as well. Furthermore, if you have an open yard, install high fences. Otherwise, you are sure to experience unwanted incidents.


Grooming and maintenance of these small dogs is not a huge job. Jackpoodles get their curly coat from their Poodle parents, so brushing them once daily is crucial to keep it tangle-free.

Professional grooming is recommended at least once a month. Professionals will groom your puppy well, trim nails, and clean the dog’s teeth, ears, and other areas that get a bit difficult to clean at home.

Jack A Poos are prone to ear infections; hence cleaning it periodically is crucial. Even if you don’t take it to dog salons, you can clean it using a warm cotton cloth with soap and water.

Don’t forget to brush their teeth regularly using dog toothpaste and toothbrush to keep cavities and other infections at bay.

Food & Diet

This cross-breed dog needs a high-quality diet. If you want to see your dog grow to be healthy and active, never compromise on the food quality. Go for dry and wet dog food as long as it is free from artificial ingredients.

As Jack A Poos are super energetic dogs, dividing their meals into two or three portions during the day is best.

Again, the dietary needs of Jack A Doodle keep changing as they grow up. Take veterinary advice regarding the portion and food type to ensure your adorable pet gets the right nutrients.

Don’t overfeed your dog, as it may lead to several health problems.

Health Issues

A cross-bred dog has fewer health problems compared to a purebred dog. Therefore, Jackpoodles are less vulnerable to genetic diseases Poodles, and Jack Russells have.

But there are a few diseases your pet may experience, so I recommend undertaking health tests if you notice any unusual behavior.

Some diseases are:

Whether your dog goes through minor or severe health concerns, seeking immediate medical help is crucial. If you don’t want to see your beloved pet suffering, so make sure to take it to a vet in case of any such issues.

Also, note that your pup may suffer from dehydration in scorching weather. Keep your pup indoors on hot summer days. Try to avoid day walks as it increases the risk of stroke.

How Much Does A Jack A Poo Puppy Cost?

A Jack A Poo puppy usually costs anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500. The cost depends on varying factors like parent breed history and whether the puppy is dewormed, vaccinated, spayed, or chipped.

If you are planning to get this adorable breed, you have to be prepared for other expenses like vaccination, grooming, puppy food, vet checkups, and deworming.

You can also look at Doodle rescue facilities to find a Jackapoo for adoption near you.

Wrapping Up

If you want an active, adorable, intelligent, and minimally shedding dog, Poo can be a great family pet. They are super loyal, work best as guard dogs, and are not very high maintenance.

As these dogs are pretty expensive, try to get them from a reputable breeder. Adoption is another option but make sure to inquire about the parent dogs well to avoid severe health concerns.

Do you have any other queries regarding Jackpoodles? If yes, let us know in the comments.


What is the difference between a Parson Russell Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier?

The only difference between the two is their size. Jack Russells are shorter than Parson Russel Terriers.

Can I keep my Jack Russell poodle mix with other animals?

Yes, you can keep a Jack Russell Poodle with other animals, but you have to introduce it to a new dog or another pet carefully. Keeping it with other dogs or cats isn’t difficult, but it may not bond well with birds or other tiny pets due to their hunting instincts.

Do Jackpoodles shed a lot?

No, Jackpoodles don’t shed a lot. But they require lots of brushing and grooming.

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