The Ultimate Guide to Saint Berdoodles

There are so many different types of fascinating—and don’t forget adorable—breeds of dogs, and in this story, we’ll be learning all about the cuddly and undeniably lovable Saint Berdoodle breed.

From their unique personalities to the exercise they require, all the details you’ll want and need we’ll cover it all. Grab your leashes and treats, let’s get to it!

What is a Saint Berdoodle?

This loveable pal is a designer mixed breed dog coming from a St Bernard and, for all you detectives out there I’m sure you deduced, a Standard Poodle.

Saint Berdoodle coat

Saint Berdoodles typically have a medium-length coat with a bit of a wavey look.

Average male size: 27-30 inches, 150-200 pounds Average female size: 24-27 inches, 110-160 pounds

Saint Berdoodle size

They also do good with other dogs, they’re the ultimate friend with how caring and playful their nature is.

Saint Berdoodle’s Personality

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