Hi, I'm Dana, the owner of Travelling With a Dog. Travelling With a Dog was started to help people learn about their dogs and safe ways to bring them on life's adventures.

My husband's career takes us all over the world and Kaya (our dog) comes along with us each time and keeps me company when his work takes him on the road. We are originally from Canada but have lived in many different countries and cities in Europe.

Kaya's done it all - boating, flying, camping, road trips and even though we are on the move a lot, we always make sure Kaya has a stress-free time. She is our first priority!

Travelling With A Dog is the community we started to bring together others who bring (or want to bring) their best furry-friends along on all their adventures! It's meant to serve as an all-encompassing resource for anyone traveling with their dog!

I am thankful for those muddy paws that tell stories on our floors and those slobbery kisses that soften the hardest of hearts, because one day they will sure be missed.