8 Guides for Your Vacation with your Senior Dog


Travelling with an ageing senior canine is equivalent to travelling with a 90-year-old human. A dog year is 7 human years on an average large dog.

Your senior dog may have severe multiple health conditions and you have to be geared up for the things that might go far worse than you expected on your tour.

1. Get Your Senior Dog to the Vet for Health Assessment

Your vet knows more about your destination and what health problems are more common in that particular region.

Motion sickness can result in stress and confusion and recovery from this condition is a bit tough for senior dogs than young ones.

2. Determine Your Dog Suffers from Motion Sickness or Not

Ageing doggies are more prone to cognitive dysfunction or commonly known as dog dementia.

3. Consult the Vet about Your Senior Canine’s Mental Health

There can be places where you need to produce it for entry or for your stay in hotels.

4. Make Sure Your Dog Is up to Date with the Vaccination and the Microchipping

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