Dog-Friendly Hiking in Cincinnati

There are a variety of dog-friendly activities you’re sure to enjoy in Cincinnati, but, in case you just have time for one, I want to tell you about my very favorite.

Get ready to immerse yourselves in the pure and refreshing beauty of nature where you can spot deer munching leaves and gaze at turtles sunning themselves on logs.

Pick this trail if you and your pup enjoy hiking and would like a moderate trail that includes a waterfall view and a creek crossing.

Geology Trail

Dog-Friendly Trails in Cincinnati

You’ll enjoy spotting turtles and bullfrogs at several small ponds, explore a small pollinators’ garden, and peek into an old log cabin.

Upland Trail

Lookout Trail

This trail is particularly enjoyable in the spring and summer when wildflowers are blooming.

Picnic tables are available by the main parking lot and under the pavilion by the Playscape. There are also benches scattered throughout the trails.


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