How to Fly With a Large Dog in Cabin

The most stressful part of every single move was needing to move our dog.

There are other options and ways to get from point A to point B without transporting your dog. I wish I had known about these when we were moving back and forth, so I'm sharing them with you today.

Shared Chartered Flights

Most flights are from the US to areas within the EU. It’s a great (albeit expensive) option for people who need to get to Europe with their animals.

To fly with your dog in cabin with La Compagnie, your pooch must be less than 33 pounds and you’ll need to pay a fee 10% of your ticket.

Fly with La Compagnie

Queen Mary II

This option is slightly more affordable than flying, but it will take much longer to reach your destination than it would via a chartered flight.

Keep in mind with the cruise your dog cannot roam freely on the cruise. Your dog will remain in the dog area where someone will watch them throughout the day.

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