Tips for Flying with a Large Dog in Cabin

If you have been approved to fly with your large dog in cabin with your for your next flight, There are a few things you should do before and during the flight to ensure everyone's comfort!

Let’s talk about a few things you an do beforehand to make sure your pooch isn’t going to feel overwhelmed with the flight!


A couple months before you fly, you will want to get your paperwork in order and make sure your dog is fit to fly.

If you are traveling internationally you will likely need specific vaccinations, Government stamped paperwork and updated vet records.

Get Vet Records/Any Other Paperwork Required

Some of the vaccinations also need to be administered a certain number of days before you travel, and some countries you fly into require a specific type of microchip implanted on your dog.

1. Make sure your dog is booked in (and allowed) on the flight. 2. See if you are able to get seats with a little extra leg room for your 4-legged friend.

Call The Airline

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