Why You Should Take Your Dog to White Sands National Monument


As one of the most dog-friendly national monuments, dogs are allowed EVERYWHERE outdoors while at the White Sands National Monument.

There is plenty of free-roaming space near the back of the monument. Dogs are not allowed indoors, which includes the visitors center and a small shop.

About the White Sands National Monument

Monument welcoming paws of all sizes, the gypsum crystals do not hurt paw pads so you can leave the doggie booties at home!

Wandering Around White Sands National Monument

A looped road from the White Sands Visitor Center to the back of the dune-fields, which are free-roaming areas.

The Magnuson Hotel Alamogordo Suites has a free breakfast and even a doggie washing station to clean all the sand off of fido.

Where to Stay While Visiting the White Sands National Monument

Keep in mind that hotel policies change so it is best to call ahead and make sure your pup will be allowed to stay as there are some weight and breed restrictions.

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