5 Dog-Friendly Spots in Toronto


Just about everyone loves puppies. Their cute wet noses pressed up against you for kisses, their soft fur ready to comfort you with ease at any given moment and of course, the fun playtime adventures!

In the waterfront community, you have a TON of pup-friendly options. Let’s go over some of my favorite dog-friendly places in Toronto to take your pup!

1. Coronation Park

Gorgeous scenic views of the lake and yacht club. You can throw your Chuck It for miles on end and, they have a water fountain for doggos and hoomans.

Let pupper be a part of your busy social life. The staff are incredibly friendly and dog savvy. They brought my dog plain chicken bits and water!

2. Hunter’s Landing on Fort York

Let your pup wander the scenic island from Ward’s to Hanlon all the while taking swimming breaks in the dog-friendly swim areas.

3. Toronto Island (Centreville)

My favourite time to bring Bailey is during a quiet time at the Christmas Market. It’s not too hot for her pawsies and she gets cute Christmas Card-worthy photos. Win win.

4. The Distillery District

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