5 Essential Items You Need for Camping With Your Dog 


The only thing better than a family camping trip is a family camping trip with your pet dog! (Or dogs if you are lucky enough to have more than one).

So here is a list of five items that you should always take when going camping with your dog.

A Portable Outdoor Dog Bed

The elevated, collapsible, steel tubing frame will keep your dog’s body off the cold, damp ground.

Using a normal leash and collar is fine in towns and cities but if you are heading out into the wild, a harness gives you much better control over your dog.

A Hiking Harness for Dogs

A Portable Bottle and Water Bowl

Because your dog will most likely be doing a lot of walking and running, you should always have a supply of clean, fresh water on hand for them to drink. 

You do not want to leave your dog’s poop on a camping ground or in a natural beauty spot.

Disposable Compostable Poop Bags

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