5 of the Best Cruises for Dogs


Are you thinking of bringing your dog along for the adventure of their lifetime? Instead of bringing them for hikes or mountaineering activities? Why not choose to take your dog on a cruise instead?

It can be a pretty exciting experience for your dog. Find out what are some of the top dog-friendly cruises around the world that you can bring your dog along.

1. Cunard Cruise Lines

They do offer a pet-friendly cruise onboard the Queen Mary 2, and the experience is limited to just cats and dogs.

It allows you to bring your dog on board while taking a peaceful cruise around the majestic National Forest.

2. Dolly Steamboat

Famous cruise service The Mercury, Chicago's Skyline Cruise, offers 90-minute canine cruises that take you with your dog to places such as the Chicago Harbor.

3. Mercury, Chicago’s Skyline Cruise

The 2-hour scenic route will bring you to places like the Egg Rock Lighthouse as well as the islands of Frenchman Bay.

4. Acadian Nature Cruises

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