Cloudland Canyon State Park Hiking with Your Dog

I love to see dogs out with their people on the trails enjoying nature. One of my favorite activities to do with my almost one year old Siberian husky, is to hike.

In this story, you will read all about Cloudland Canyon State Park and traveling there with a dog. From hiking to parking to what to bring, I have you covered!

Hiking Cloudland State Park with your Dog

Cloudland Canyon State Park is great because the vast majority of the trails are dog-friendly. I do not recommend taking a dog that wont be able to get up and down many steep stairs.

What to bring for you and your dog

Many places provide poop bags at the beginning of the hike but I always recommend having a few in the event.

Poop Bags

First aid

This is a big one that always surprises me people don’t pack for themselves let alone their dogs.

If you have a healthy, adult dog I highly recommend getting them a doggie pack so that they can carry their own stuff!

Backpack for your dog

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