Dog Daycare in Calgary: A Review of Dogma

When searching for a dog daycare in Calgary, it’s important that you drop your dog off somewhere reputable and with a good track record.

You always hear horror stories about dog daycares and it’s important to do your research when trying to find one in Calgary for your pooch!

We began bringing our dog, Kaya, to Dogma for free puppy socialising classes when she was a puppy. I'm not sure if they still offer them, but if you have a puppy, I highly recommend looking into them!

Each time we walk into Dogma we are greeted with smiles from all the staff there. I have never had a bad experience with any of the Dogma staff!

The Staff are Friendly

The Staff Are Proactive

It was very reassuring to know that they take our dog’s health and safety very seriously and love them like their own!

We began doing training with Dogma where we could get video updates, homework as well as written reports letting us know Kaya’s progress.

They Offer Training

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