Hiking with Your Dog at Cloudland Canyon State Park


As not only a dog owner, but self-proclaimed “dog lover”, I love to see dogs out with their people on the trails enjoying nature.

In this story, you will read all about Cloudland Canyon State Park and traveling there with a dog. From hiking to parking to what to bring, I have you covered!

Hiking Cloudland State Park with your Dog

I will warn you that many of the hikes at Cloudland Canyon State Park are for athletic dogs with some hiking experience because there are a lot of stairs.

What to bring for you and your dog

It is so important to remember this! You can not rely on the possibility of a clean water source.

1. Water

2. Food

On lengthy and strenuous hikes (5-8+ miles) I will bring her some kibble. Just like you may need a mid-hike fuel up, your pooch might too.

Dogs, especially excited ones that are hiking, are more prone to slipping out of their collars than harnesses. This is another big reason Margot is always in a harness.

3. Harness/ collar/ lead

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