How to Plan a Courthouse Wedding With Your Dog

Planning a wedding is hard. The fact that anyone can do it without losing their minds is astonishing!

Now that dogs are our kids, after all, we call them our babies all the time, and they must go everywhere, everyone’s beginning to include their fur-children in weddings — which requires more planning.

The Courthouse

If you want your pup to attend your wedding, but you’re not looking to do something big: elope or get married on the courthouse steps.

Plus, right across the street is a small park with an amphitheater that can be rented for a reception or just used for some more photos to commemorate the day – all Fido-friendly!

The Photographer

These moments occur once! You need someone who will capture it in photos that you will love for the rest of your life!

Black Tie Required

With everyone dressed in their best, it’s only fair that Fido partakes in that fun as well!

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