Taking Your Dog on a Boat


We love to take Kaya boating with us. She absolutely loves the water and is thrilled when once of us catches a fish!

If you want to take your dog boating, there are a few steps you should follow in order to ensure your pup (and everyone else on board) is safe on the water.

If you aren’t sure of your dog’s swimming ability, you might want to consider purchasing them a life jacket specifically made for dogs.

Step 1: Recognize Your Dog’s Swimming Ability

If your dog were to jump or fall overboard, what would be your next step of action? You should talk this over with everyone on your boat.

Step 2: Have A Safety Plan In Place

Step 3: Put Together A First Aid Kit

– Gauze – A long pair of socks or protective shoes for paw injuries – Eyewash

Introduce your dog to the boat and let them walk around it while it’s turned off, so they can feel comfortable.

Step 4: Let Your Dog Sniff The Boat Before Going Boating

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