Traveling With Your Dog: The Stress Free Guide

Travelling with your dog is such a rewarding experience. Our dog Kaya is part of the family. So when we plan trips, we incorporate her in all aspects of the travel.

While some countries are more dog-friendly than others, traveling with your dog adds another level of stress for both you and your dogs. We've traveled with her enough to know exactly what we need!

Planning The Trip

Before booking anything, make sure you have planned out how you will be getting to and from your destination.

As we drive rental cars for road trips, we also have to make sure to tell the car rental company that we will be bringing a dog, and need a car that can fit a large kennel.

Make sure you speak to your vet to get the recommended dosage as too much can cause your dog to become very ill.


Below is a list of items that will be very handy when travelling with your dog:


1. Travel food and water dishes 2. Water bottle to fill water dish 3. Dog food

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