5 Steps To Take Before Flying With Your Dog

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Flying with your dog can be a stressful experience if you have not done the proper amount of planning.  In order to have a stress-free flight for yourself and more importantly, your dog, you need to make sure you have the all the necessary steps in place.

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Let’s talk about the 5 steps you need to take before flying with your dog!

Research Airlines

Before booking any tickets, research all airlines ahead of time. Each airline has different policies regarding pet travel. Generally, smaller dogs can be brought in cabin with you (in a carrier) while larger dogs will need to go under the plane in the cargo. If you don’t want to do that, check out our guide on how to fly with your large dog in cabin for options to travel overseas with larger dogs.

The breed of your dog also plays a factor into whether or not an airline will transport them. For example, some airlines will not travel snub-nosed dogs, as they are likely to have breathing problems while on-board.

It’s best to contact the airline directly or visit their website and review their pet-policy. A list of popular airlines linking to their pet policies can be found below:

Ensure There Is No Separation Anxiety

Even if your dog is flying in cabin with you, you still want to make sure they have no separation anxiety. And if you plan to fly your dog in cargo, you will definitely need to work on any separation issues.

Crate Train

Whether your dog is small and able to fly in cabin with you, or will be going under the plan, they will need to be in crate.

If your dog isn’t used to being a crate, you will need to crate train them well in advanced to your trip so they associate their crate with feeling of happiness and relaxation. You do not want your dog to be panicking because they are not used to be in a crate, on top of being stressed out from the travel!

Contact Your Vet

If you have any questions regarding your dog and their safety while traveling, contact your vet. Do not administer any sedation to your pet without seeking out professional advice from a vet first. Sedation can lead to various complications.

Your vet will be able to offer you alternatives that are safe for your dog in terms of relaxation medication (both natural and medicinal).

Contact The Airline

Airlines can only carry a certain amount of animals in cargo, so it’s always best to contact the airline ahead of time to make sure that your dog will be able to come along on the dates you are looking to fly.

Taking these 5 steps before hopping on a flight with your dog will ensure both you and your dog will be as stress-free as possible!

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  1. how long does it take to do all of the paperwork to make my dog an esa??

    • The process is different for each airline so I recommend contacting your airline to ask for their requirements. Some airlines require training certification (basic obedience) for ESAs, others don’t. Unfortunately, there is no answer I can give since it entirely depends on who you are flying with and where you are flying.

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