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Which Doodle Breed is Right For You?

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With so many different kinds of doodle breeds to choose from, which one is right for you? This comprehensive list includes information on some of the most popular Poodle-mixes so that you can make an informed decision. Contents Quick Doodle Facts Bernedoodle Labradoodle Goldendoodle Aussiedoodle Cockapoo Schnoodle Cavoodle Sheepadoodle Irish Doodle Saint Berdoodle Finding a Doodle Dog Quick Doodle Facts …

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Your Guide to Safely RVing with Your Dog

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Are you looking into embarking the trip of your lifetime by RVing with your dog? Perhaps you’ve thought about taking an RV trip, but you began to worry about whether or not your pet will be able to join along. Travelling with your dog is an exciting journey the two of you can take together. And while it is indeed …

Bernedoodle puppy

Sheepadoodles vs. Bernadoodles

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After my husband and I settled on getting a Doodle breed dog, our next task was to try and decide which one we wanted, and we had it narrowed down between two different (but equally adorable) breeds: the Sheepadoodle and the Bernedoodle. Maybe you’ve found yourself trying to decide between the two dogs, and you may have even thought, “how …

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Inspirational, Funny and Heart-Warming Dog Quotes

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Every once in a while you’ll come across a quote that really speaks to you. These dog quotes are perfect for sharing with your dog-loving friends and family. “I work hard so my dog can have a better life.” – Unknown “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” – Louis …

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Why You Shouldn’t Get a Sheepadoodle

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Sheepadoodles and Mini Sheepadoodles are an incredibly cute breed of dog, but they certainly aren’t for everybody. While Sheepadoodles make great family pets, there are several reasons why someone might not want to get a Sheepadoodle. As someone who owns a Sheepadoodle myself, I want to make sure that prospective doodle owners know exactly what they are getting into. Many …

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Bulldog Rescues in North America

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Bulldogs (also known as the English Bulldog or British Bulldog) are a very distinct-looking breed of dogs that people all over the world simply adore. Bulldogs make loyal and loving family pets and enjoy lazing around with their humans. Types of Bulldogs There are many different types of Bulldogs (just as there are different types of Shepherds). While up until …

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Here’s What I Learned Fostering Dogs

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. There’s something so special about forming a bond with another species. I think many of us feel the same way. But adopting or buying a puppy (from a responsible breeder) isn’t always feasible for some people. Whether you are limited financially or you have other commitments that …

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Golden Retriever Rescues

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Golden Retrievers are loved and adored all around the world and has been featured in hundreds of movies as a fun-loving family dog. One reason why Golden Retrievers are so popular is that they have an incredibly versatile skill sets! Goldens make amazing services dogs, show dogs, hunting dogs and are obedient and agile. Not only that, Golden Retrievers are …

Border collie

Border Collie Rescues

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Border Collies are known as being an incredibly smart dog part of the herding family of dogs. This medium-sized dog normally weighs 30-45 pounds and they are known for being hard-working, playful and energetic! Rescuing a Border Collie can be a rewarding way to add a new family member to your home. How do I Find a Border Collie Rescue …

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Are We Overreacting?

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A week ago today, last Thursday, I was having a cold glass of prosecco, celebrating the hockey season with my husband, his teammates and the other wives. Grey skies had parted for the warm sun and yellow daffodils were starting to bloom in Germany. My husband, Tyler, is a professional hockey player and we spend the hockey seasons in Europe …