The Ultimate Guide to Toy Maltipoos: The Toy Poodle and Maltese Mix

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Large dog breeds are huggable and fuzzy in their own ways. But you can’t ignore the level of cuteness that small and floofy toy breeds have.

Take Toy Maltipoos: They are adorable little creatures that will melt your heart with their large eyes peeping through the furry face.

Maltipoos are in the Doodle Dog family. Today, we’re diving into everything you need to know about Toy Maltipoos (including why you might not want to get one…).

Let’s jump in!

What’s a Toy Maltipoo?

Toy Maltipoos are also known as Tiny Maltipoo, Teacup Maltipoo, Mini Maltipoo, and Micro Maltipoo. In general, these terms are used interchangeably.

Toy Maltipoos or Teacup Maltipoos are one of the cutest among tiny dog breeds. This designer dog is a cross between a Maltese dog and a Miniature or Toy Poodle dog. It inherits some of the best qualities from its parents. A Mini Maltipoo is warm and gentle and can be pretty fun-loving.

small black dog sitting
Cute little puppy that looks sorry or sad about something, on a white background.

Maltipoos of all sizes fit well into any home—be it an apartment or a house with a fenced yard. This Maltese Poodle mix is a great companion for young children and seniors alike. In fact, they are excellent for new pet owners. But ensure that the dog is not left alone, or it can get separation anxiety!

Teacup Maltipoo dogs are non-shedders, thanks to both the Maltese parent and the Poodle side. Breeders mostly expect Teacup Maltipoo puppies to be small and hypoallergenic. However, you should be cautious if you’re severely allergic, as it’s hard to confirm that a dog won’t cause allergies at all.

Now, you may wonder if there is a difference between a Toy Maltipoo and a regular Maltipoo. A regular Maltipoo itself belongs to the “toy dog” category of small dogs. A Toy or Teacup Maltipoo is even smaller than the regular Maltipoo. The Teacup Maltipoo size may depend on how the dog is bred.

Since Teacup Maltipoo dogs are purposely bred by crossing two breeds with complete knowledge about the parents, you cannot call them a mixed breed. Instead, this Maltese Poodle mix is referred to as a designer breed. Yet, as it is a hybrid, it is ineligible to be registered by the American Kennel Club.

What does a Toy Maltipoo look like?

A Teacup Maltipoo can make you fall in love at very first sight—thanks to its adorable looks. Maltipoos of all sizes are toy dogs, and they pretty much look like toys! The tiny body of a Teacup Maltipoo is covered with fur of different textures or colors. They have a small round face with the perfect button eyes and nose.

The size and look of the Toy Maltipoo will depend on the parent breeds and the genes from the parents that are dominant in an individual dog. It also depends on how a breeder creeds the dog. It’s hard to predict exactly how a newborn Teacup Maltipoo puppy will look or how the puppy will transform as an adult dog.

However, the appearance of the parents should be enough to get a fair idea of how a Maltipoo puppy litter might look. Reputable breeders, in particular, are reasonably good at doing this. Let’s take a look at the type of coat, color, and size that Teacup Maltipoo dogs have.


A Teacup Maltipoo’s coat texture will depend on the dominant genes from its Maltese or Poodle parent. All Maltipoos are furry and fluffy because both Maltese and Poodle breeds have furry coats. Maltipoos usually have three types of coat texture. They are as follows:

  1. Silky and Straight: Some Maltipoo puppies have coats that are silky smooth, as the fur is straight and soft. This happens when the Maltese genes are more dominant. The coat is usually quite thick, with medium to dense hair.
  2. Curly and Thick: If the genes of the Poodle parent are dominant in a Maltipoo puppy, its coat will be thick, with curly fur all over the body. The texture is such that it easily becomes rough, matted, and tangled, especially if it’s not taken care of properly.
  3. Wiry and Wavy: A Teacup Maltipoo may have a coat covered with a rare fur texture that makes it wiry. This type of coat is also inherited from the Poodle side if the parent Poodle has a wiry coat. Remember that while it’s a unique look, this type of fur is difficult to groom.

You must note that both parents of a Maltese Poodle mix have single-layer coats. Hence, a Teacup Maltipoo, too, has only one layer of fur. As a result, it is a non-shedding dog, unlike double-coated dog breeds that shed a lot. The coat of Mini Maltipoos is also hypoallergenic.


Maltipoos are most commonly seen with a white coat. That’s because they inherit the color from the Maltese side. However, they also come in a variety of other colors because of Poodles having different colors. Besides white, other shades of Maltipoo dogs include cream, golden, gray, apricot, red, blue, brown, and even black.

The coat may be of a solid color or a mix of 2-3 shades in the form of patterns like tuxedo, merle, or sable. Their coats are mostly on the lighter side as the color of the Poodle parent mixes with the white coat of the Maltese parent.

Height and Weight

The size of a Maltipoo depends on whether the Poodle parent is a regular one or a Toy or Miniature Poodle. As mentioned before, Maltipoo dogs are of different categories that don’t mean much to novice customers. A Maltipoo can vary in height from 8 in. to 14 in., depending on its breeding. It can weigh between 4 lb. and 25 lb.

A Toy Maltipoo dog should have a height of 8-10 in., and it should weigh less than 10 lb. This is one of the most popular sizes of Maltipoos. But a fully grown Toy Maltipoo dog is around 6 in. in height, and they weigh only 4 lb. On the other hand, a Mini Maltipoo can be as tall as 12-15 in. and weigh closer to 25 lb.

So you can understand that the Miniature Maltipoo dog is the largest of all and requires the highest amount of activity and exercise. On the other hand, Teacup Maltipoo, also called Micro Maltipoo, is the smallest. However, for most people, these categorizations sound like a distinction without a difference, as all Maltipoo varieties are small dogs and absolute cuties!

Teacup Maltipoo Temperament and Personality

A Maltipoo is an adorable little dog breed that can be an excellent addition to families, or the home of an empty-nester. If you take proper care of this dog and keep it surrounded by people, it will give back a lot of love and warmth and fill your life with smiles and happiness.

It inherits its nature from both its parents, i.e., the Maltese Dog and the Poodle dog, both of which are known to be affectionate and people-friendly. Of course, every dog has its own personality and quirks, and a Teacup Maltipoo pup will turn out accordingly. So you can find out about the parent dogs.

You may assume that the pup you bring home will grow into a fun loving dog with characteristics and traits inherited from the Maltese and Poodle parents. Let’s look at the personalities of the Maltipoo and its parents:

Maltese Personality and Temperament

Small white dog sitting.

The Maltese dog breed is homely and warm by nature, making it a great dog for families. It loves to be around people and wants to please everyone because of its people-oriented character. As a result, it responds really well to training. You can use positive reinforcements like toy or food rewards or praise it and play with it to make it learn tricks and habits.

Maltese dogs are quite fearless and assume that everyone they come across is a friend. That’s what makes them the perfect pet for families that entertain a lot, or have other pets. They are always cute and sweet with everyone, and you might say that it’s their strategy to get their way with everyone to get spoilt!

But you cannot forget that even though the sweetness is in its nature, a lot will depend on its heredity, environment, socialization, and training. Maltese pups are generally fun, playful, and curious, but if you come across a dog that has had a rough life, or find a pup that’s either fighting with its siblings or sitting in a corner, it may take a while to see its friendly side.

Maltese dogs require early socialization like any other pet dog. It needs to meet different people and other animals and get exposure to various sights and sounds. They should start having diverse experiences when they are young so that they can grow up into confident and happy dogs.

Breeders and trainers suggest that taking a Maltese dog out for strolls to pet parks every day and enrolling them in puppy kindergarten can help develop their personality and prevent them from feeling lonely or anxious. Doing so can help build their social skills.

Toy Poodle Personality and Temperament

Small white dog sitting

Toy Poodles, like any other Poodle variety, are fun, clever, with a mischievous side. They are also extremely loyal. If you meet a Poodle of any size, you will notice a particular distinct characteristic in it. It has an air of dignity that may not be easy to describe, but it certainly sets it apart from many other dogs.

Even though it has a somewhat royal attitude and grace, Poodles are fun-loving and goofy and love to be around people. If you show any interest in playing with them, they will always respond positively. They are people pleasers and highly intelligent, which is why they get trained easily and learn quickly.

Generally, a Poodle with good canine manners should be calm yet playful. This comes from regular exercise that can burn off all their excess energy. Some people believe that the smaller Poodle breeds like Toy Poodles or Miniature Poodles are a little more temperamental and sensitive than the larger breeds. However, most breeders and dog parents disagree.

Poodles have a protective streak when it comes to their home and humans. So, if they see a stranger in or near the house, they usually give a warning bark to let everyone know about the presence of the stranger. Even though they gel well with family members, it takes them a while to get used to a stranger.

As mentioned earlier, Poodles are extremely intelligent. In fact, some people compare their intelligence to that of human beings. This is a good thing in many ways, but may also cause some difficulties. If they grow up in a challenging environment, it’s hard to make them forget the bad habits they pick may up.

Maltipoo Personality and Temperament

Now that you know about the general personality traits of Maltese and Poodle dogs, it should be easy for you to judge the kind of characteristics that you should expect from a Maltipoo dog. No matter what the size might be, Maltipoos are adorable, not only because of how they look but mainly due to their behavior.

A Maltipoo is a loving and gentle dog that loves to have fun with and express love affection for the people they befriend. They are happy little dogs that love to sit on the lap of their human and enjoy a leisurely life. But throw a stick or a ball, and watch the tiny creature jump up and play fetch.

Maltipoos are unique in their own way, thanks to their parents, and each little cutie-pie has a larger-than-life personality and will always want to hog all your attention. If they are not allowed to socialize regularly or left alone for too long, they will develop separation anxiety.

Apricot colored small dog laying down.

You will love to cuddle with this warm and affectionate dog—something that it inherits from the Maltese parent. On the other hand, it inherits high energy levels from its Poodle parent, which is why you should allow it to run around and have fun. The larger your Maltipoo, the more exercise it needs.

Allowing Maltipoos to socialize at an early age is the perfect way to unleash their friendly side. Maltipoos can be great therapy dogs. However, they are alert about strangers and start to bark if anything seems out of the ordinary. However, barking is where it stops as they are not too aggressive.

Exercise Needs

Maltipoos inherit incredibly high energy levels from the Poodle side. That’s why a Teacup Maltipoo should have an active lifestyle. You must ensure that it gets sufficient exercise every day. So you or its trainer can take it for a trip to the park on a daily basis for a fun time, and allow it to run around in your backyard.

The good thing is that as a small dog, it does not require a lot of space where it can roam around, unrestrained, unlike large breeds. A Teacup Maltipoo can get enough exercise and spend its pent-up energy even by running around in an apartment. It also doesn’t need to be extensive or rigorous. Even a stroll is enough to release the energy of this tiny creature.

But it is advisable to take it outside so that it can obtain new experiences and socialize. Having an active life where it can make friends will keep a Teacup Maltipoo happy. Otherwise, they become irritable and whiny and develop the habit of barking, digging, or chewing to release their energy.

Plus, there’s another plus side to taking your Maltipoo out to exercise and playing with it: this will help you get closer to your dog, and they become more affectionate and playful. Such activities will also help you gain more loyalty from your tiny fur baby—besides keeping health issues at bay.

Toy/Teacup Maltipoo Price

The cost of a Maltipoo depends on whether you buy it from a reputable breeder as a puppy or adopt it from a shelter as a grown dog. When you get a Maltipoo from a rescue center, you may have to pay anything between $100 and $600.

But dogs from breeders are expensive. Many factors come into play here. When you go to a breeder, you will get medical test reports of parents, health guarantees, microchipping, etc., which do not come with a dog from the shelter. All these make the price shoot up to as high as $4000.

Where to Buy Toy Maltipoo Puppies

You can buy Maltipoo puppies from a reputable breeder or from an animal rescue.

Maltipoo puppies from breeders will be more expensive because of the tests and certifications that breeders provide.

However, when you adopt, you will get the satisfaction of giving home and family to a dog that is lost or has been abandoned. Both avenues are suitable ways to buy a Maltipoo puppy, but let’s look into each one to see which is right for you.

Rescuing a Maltipoo

There is something special about bringing home a pet from a rescue shelter. In most cases, the poor dogs end up in a rescue center because owners abandon them. Sometimes, it’s the dog’s behavior or health conditions, which, too, is the result of poor breeding practices, challenging environment, and lack of care.

Adopting a Maltipoo may mean you have to deal with temperament issues, health problems, and other unknown situations. However, all of that is perfectly fine if you have a big heart and the zeal to love a lost dog looking for some affection.

You can call your local shelters or look through our list of Doodle Rescues to find one near you.

Buying Maltipoo Puppies From a Breeder

If you are a new dog parent and are not confident that you will be able to handle a dog with an unknown history, you should go to a reliable breeder. But you need to be careful and find out if the breeder is reliable or not. For instance, some breeders don’t care for the parents or the litter.

Some of them ignore the health conditions of the parent dogs, which means that the Teacup Maltipoo puppy might have health problems when it grows older. That is why you should avoid breeders who refuse to provide health test reports of puppies and parents alike or refuse to take you to their facilities.

Always be extra careful about the people who breed dogs that you meet online, as they may be running puppy mills, or even your nearest pet store where they might be mistreated. Make sure to do a thorough background check before you dole out thousands and bring home a puppy from a breeder.

Teacup Maltipoo Health Issues and Lifespan

Maltipoos have a lifespan of 10-15 years. As a hybrid with a large gene pool, Maltipoos have lower health problems than their purebred parents.

However, some common health problems that affect Maltipoos are digestive problems, allergies, skin issues, and ear infections.

Should You Get a Teacup/Toy Maltipoo?

Mini Maltipoos are adorable pets, but there are a few factors to consider. As with all Doodle breeds, Toy Maltipoos require lots of grooming.

Between frequent visits to the groomers and brushings to keep tangles and mats at bay, you’ll need to invest both time and money to keep your Maltipoo’s coat looking healthy and clean. For many people, this is too much work and they prefer to have dogs with lower maintenance coats.

Maltipoos also require plenty of attention. Between walks, play-time, and training, a Toy Maltipoo is not the right dog for you if you’re looking for a lazy dog to sleep at your feet all day.


For first-time dog owners, a Teacup Maltipoo can be a special dog. It is the ideal pet for families, children, or empty nesters, and those with enough time to devote to a Toy Maltipoo’s needs!

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