The Ultimate Guide to Mini Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog Miniature Poodle Mix)

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People all over the world are falling in love with Mini Bernedoodles. Their cute tri-colored faces and adorable personalities make them simply irresistible.

Today, we’re introducing you to the Miniature Bernedoodle and discussing their traits and temperament, and diving into who they’d be perfect for (as well as who should reconsider keeping them as pets).

Mini Bernedoodle Quick Facts
Height10-15 inches
Weight 10 to 30 pounds
Temperament Loyal, intelligent, playful, affectionate, social, stubborn

What is a Mini Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodle puppy

Bernedoodles come in two sizes: mini and standard. A Mini Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle, whereas a standard Bernedoodle is a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Mini Bernedoodles small hypoallergenic dogs that are usually low- to non-shedding. Being low-shedding is a major appeal for people with allergies who want to enjoy the temperament of a Bernese Mountain Dog, but can’t due to their allergies.

Even better, being small, Mini Bernedooldes make excellent travel companions and can join you on outings to dog-friendly cafes or restaurants in your city.

Let’s learn more about a Mini Bernedoodle’s temperament and what makes them so unique.


Temperament of a Mini Bernedoodle

To understand the temperament of a Miniature Bernedoodle, we first need to learn about the parent breeds, as the pups will inherit many of the same qualities.

Miniature Poodle

Small white dog sitting
Toy Poodle

Of all the dog breeds, the Mini Poodle is one of the smartest in the world. These pups were originally bred for mushroom hunting and companionship, making them hard-working dogs who are also highly affectionate. They’re easy to train, and they catch on to new tricks and commands in no time.

But what’s really great about them is their friendly and social nature—they absolutely love being around people and other animals, making them the ideal companions for families with children or even old folks.

Plus, they’re super loyal and form strong bonds with their families.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A large Bernese Mountain Dog laying outside in the grass.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is such a sweet and smart pup.

They’re known for being super loyal and loving towards their owners, and their affectionate nature has earned them the nickname “gentle giants.” Plus, their love of people and gentle nature makes them excellent therapy dogs.

While they’re intelligent, they tend to have a stubborn streak, which makes training a bit more difficult—you’ll need plenty of patients to train this dog breed.

They’re not aggressive or overprotective, but they’ll bark to give you a heads-up if they sense any intruders around. All in all, they’re a wonderful family pet—friendly, loving, and loyal.

Miniature Bernedoodle

All the amazing traits of the Mini Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog get passed onto the Mini Bernedoodle. Let’s learn more.


One popular Mini Bernedoodle trait is loyalty. You can expect the Mini Bernedoodle to be gentle around your family yet, at the same time, fiercely loyal to you and other members of your family.


It’s not hard to understand why the Miniature Bernedoodle is so smart—just look at its parents! The Miniature Bernedoodle is easy to train and picks up commands relatively fast.


Although intelligent, Mini Bernedoodles take after their Bernese Mountain parent and inherit their stubbornness. Patience is key when training a Miniature Bernedoodle.


Mini Bernedoodles are calmer than other Doodle breeds, thanks to their Bernese Mountain Dog parent. However, they aren’t low-energy dogs and still require plenty of playtime and exercise.

Playful and Outgoing

Mini Bernedoodles are very social dogs who love to be around people and other animals.

Being so social, they enjoy playing and are always in the mood to make new friends. They love playing with children and other pets and are quick to make new friends.


Mini Bernedoodles are known for being extremely affectionate dogs. They crave attention from their owners and love to always be near them.

Like the Mini Poodle, they form strong bonds with all family members. As such, Mini Bernedoodles thrive on human interaction and love being a part of their owner’s daily routine.

Early socialization and training are key to preventing separation anxiety with your Mini Bernedoodle.

Mini Bernedoodle Appearance

A Bernedoodle dog laying on a bed.


On average, a full-grown Mini Bernedoodle’s height ranges from 10 to 15 inches.


A Mini Bernedoodle’s weight ranges from 10 pounds up to 30 pounds.

Since there can be quite a range, it’s best to ask the breeder for the weight of both parents so you can get an estimate of how big the puppies will grow.

Coat colors

The Mini Bernedoodle can come in the same tri-color as the Bernese Mountain Dog (black, white, and tan) or come in different colors like the Mini Poodle, such as:

  • Solid (red, black, white, grey, and more)
  • Phantom (two different colors, like black and white)
  • Sable
  • Merle

Again, your breeder will be able to estimate what they think the litter will be, but they can’t make any guarantees on colors.

Additionally, the coats of Mini Bernedoodle puppies may change as they grow into adults.

Coat types

A Mini Bernedoodle can have a range of different coat types but are typically either straight, wavy, or curly.

As Poodles have hair, not fur, they tend to shed minimally. This trait gets passed onto the Mini Bernedoodle, who usually has a wavy to curly coat that doesn’t shed.

Please note: it’s impossible to have a 100% hypoallergenic dog, but many owners report a reduction in their allergies around Doodle-type dogs, like the Mini Bernedoodle.

Generations of Mini Bernedoodles

Like all Doodle, there are different generations of Mini Bernedoodles. Here are the most popular generations you’ll likely encounter:

  • F1 Mini Bernedoodle: An F1 Mini Bernedoodle (first generation) is half Bernese Mountain Dog and Half Miniature Poodle
  • F1b Mini Bernedoodle: An F1b Mini Bernedoodle is when a Miniature Poodle is bred with an F1 Mini Bernedoodle. This makes an F1b Mini Bernedoodle 75% Poodle, and better for people with allergies.
  • F2 Mini Bernedoodle: An F2 Mini Bernedoodle is when two F1 Mini Bernedoodles are bred together.

Grooming a Mini Bernedoodles

An assortment of dog grooming tools on a white sheet

Miniature Bernedoodles have high-maintenance coats that require plenty of brushing and combing to prevent tangles and mats. If you don’t comb their coats daily, they can get painful mats that can lead to lesions, hot spots, and skin infections.

You should anticipate spending at least 15 minutes every other day combing your Mini Bernedoodle (if you plan to keep their hair long).

That said, the amount of combing depends on whether you keep their hair long or trimmed down. I tend to shave my Doodles, but most prefer longer coats.

On top of brushing and combing, you’ll need to clean their floppy ears and trim their nails.

Regarding visits to a professional groomer, you can expect to take your Mini Bernedoodle every six to eight weeks. You can extend the time between each trip by learning to groom your Doodle at home. This can be an excellent bonding experience for you and your Mini Bernedoodle!

Energy levels of a Mini Bernedoodle

Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm dogs with a desire to work and learn. Miniature Poodles, on the other hand, are playful and love training.

So what are Miniature Bernedoodles like?

You can expect a Mini Bernedoodle to be a mix of traits! They tend to have medium levels of energy and an affinity to training.

We recommend 60 minutes of daily exercise for a Mini Bernedoodle. If you notice your pup is still energetic after 60 minutes, consider increasing their exercise or adding some training and mental stimulation to tire them out.


Due to the Mini Bernedoodle’s temperament and intelligence, you can expect yourself to have an easier time when it comes to training the Mini Bernedoodle.

But as mentioned earlier, since the Mini Bernedoodle is notoriously stubborn, you must be patient when training this dog breed.

However, the intelligence of both parent breeds makes it highly likely that your Mini Bernedoodle will pick up new commands quickly.

Where to find Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale

Reputable Breeders

One place to look for a Mini Bernedoodle puppy is to seek out reputable Bernedoodle breeders in your area.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Health Testing: A reputable Mini Bernedoodle breeder will screen the parent dogs for health issues—like hip dysplasia or eye problems. They’ll be able to provide documentation of the results so you can ensure both parent dogs are healthy.
  2. Socialization: A responsible breeder socializes the puppies to different experiences and environments, so they grow up to be confident and well-adjusted.
  3. Parent Dogs: A reputable breeder will have both the mother and father dogs available for you to meet. Meeting the dogs helps you see their temperament, check their health, and view their living conditions.
  4. Breeding Standards: A good breeder will not breed for profit. This means they typically don’t have lots of litters throughout the year.
  5. Contracts: A responsible breeder will provide a contract that outlines the terms of the sale, health guarantees, and return policies. They will also offer support and advice throughout the puppy’s life.
  6. References: A reputable breeder should be able to provide references from previous puppy buyers and vets.

Do not buy from breeders where you see signs of puppy mills or do not feel comfortable. A breeder will never pressure you to buy and always be there to answer any questions.

Dog Rescues

There are plenty of Doodle rescue agencies where you can find Poodle mix dogs available for adoption. If you go the rescue route, you likely won’t find a Bernedoodle puppy, but you can still find young adult Bernedoodles who need homes.

We adopted a 1.5-year-old Labradoodle, so it’s definitely possible to find a Doodle-type dog in rescues.

Price of Mini Bernedoodle puppies

Mini Bernedoodles cost between $2,000 to $5,000, depending on where you live.

Life expectancy of Mini Bernedoodles

Mini Bernedoodles live to be around 12-15 years. You can ensure your pup lives a long and healthy life by providing them with proper nutrition, going to your vet regularly, and ensuring they get lots of exercise and playtime.

Health issues that Mini Bernedoodles may experience

Mini Bernedoodles are prone to the same health issues as their parent breeds. Buying your Mini Bernedoodle puppy from a reputable breeder who does health testing will decrease the likelihood of some of these diseases.

  1. Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint doesn’t form properly, leading to arthritis and pain.
  2. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA): PRA is a genetic eye disease that can lead to blindness.
  3. Cancer: Both Miniature Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to certain types of cancer, including hemangiosarcoma (a type of cancer that affects blood vessels), lymphoma, and osteosarcoma (bone cancer).
  4. Von Willebrand’s disease: This is a bleeding disorder that affects the blood’s ability to clot.
  5. Hypothyroidism: This is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. Symptoms can include lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, and more.

Why Mini Bernedoodles aren’t for everybody

Mini Bernedoodles make great companions, but that doesn’t mean they are for everybody.

Mini Bernedoodles require lots of grooming, both at home and at professional groomers. Some people don’t have the time to devote to a non-shedding dog, which entails lots of combing and brushing.

And while Mini Bernedoodles aren’t considered high-energy dogs, they still require attention and at least an hour of daily exercise. If that won’t fit your lifestyle, you may want to consider a low-energy dog breed.

Is the Mini Bernedoodle right for you?

Mini Bernedoodles are a fabulous dog breed. They’re playful, social, and intelligent and bond quickly with their families.

But their coats requires lots of grooming and they need a family who can take them on enough walks and provide enough mental enrichment to burn off their energy.

If that sounds good to you, a Mini Bernedoodle might just be the perfect pup for your family!


How big do Mini Bernedoodles get?

On average, Mini Bernedoodles are 10-15 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds. It’s best to ask the breeder for their estimate as to how large the puppy will get.

Do Mini Bernedoodles bark a lot?

The Mini Bernedoodle is a quiet dog and with the right training, will only bark on command and for guarding purposes.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Cuddly

Each dog is different, but as a whole, Mini Bernedoodles tend to be very cuddly and affectionate!

What is the personality of a Mini Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodles are loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and very energetic.

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16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Mini Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog Miniature Poodle Mix)”

  1. Just read everything you said about mini Bernadoodles. I do agree with them being intelligent, sweet and loyal….but, “they hardly bark” and “not very active”. Those comments do not apply to our 9 month old mini Bernadoodle. She barks non-stop and wants to play ALL the time. We take her to doggie daycare, the park, walk her up to 5 times a day and she doesn’t relax until 6 or 7 at night….so much energy. If you have any suggestions for the barking, I would love some.

    • Well, this mostly applies to adult Bernedoodles. Of course, puppies will still be very active and 9 months is still very much a puppy with lots of endless energy! It sounds like you’re doing everything good (daycare, park, walks) so great job with that. Do you do any mental stimulation? Sniffing, hide and seek, interactive feeding games, puzzles…these are all great ways to tire them out mentally! You also might also want to look into training if you haven’t already. This is a great online training so you can work through it at your own pace, you can also learn various mind games and ways to tire your dog out!

    • Wow – we have two mini’s and they are truly amazing. Our 2.5 year old male does bark to alert us and the 7 month old very seldom barks. I have used a product called “Pet Corrector” it is in a can and you just give a short spray in the air when they start to bark or do unwanted behavior such as digging etc. You don’t spray at the dog just within eyesight and then when they stop the action (which they do immediately) I praise them. I have only had to use it a few times to stop the barking and now I just say “Can It” and he will stop (LOL) I do have an exception to the size rule in this post. Our oldest “mini” is now 55 lbs and a large dog. Our 7 month old is only 22# and will stay in the mini range. It is interesting that they both have the same mini poodle sire (7#) but different mothers (both were only 65/68#’s. Our breeder is also amazed at our oldest’s size and it is the largest they have ever had. He does take completely after the bernise Mountain dog side. So I guess be prepared that your mini may “exceed your expectations” . We call our’s “Our Over Achiever” BTW – both do not shed and are the most loveable and loyal dogs we have ever had. They are amazing with all of our grandchildren.

    • My mini barks at stuff mostly, and it was getting quite annoying. Now i say very calmly “thank you for telling me, I see ___(insert here what shes barking at)___. When she continues barking I have made her sit and pull on the leash (attached to a training collar NOT a harness) everytime she barks after and firmly say NO. And she had learned to bark once, and stop after I ID what shes barking for. They’re all different tho, hope that helps some!

  2. Anyone have any experience with having a bernedoodle with a cat in the house? We have a very sweet older cat but wouldn’t want to bring in a doggy that naturally would try to hurt her.

    • I’ve heard that Bernedoodles and cats can get along, but to speak with Bernedoodle owners you should join this Facebook group and ask 🙂 In most cases, you’ll need to make sure you work with your puppy and train them to be gentle with the cat.

    • My Mini Bernedoodle, Gigi, stayed with my sister for 2 weeks while we were away. I was worried because my sister has a cat and we do not. Gigi was totally intrigued with her cat and would have cuddled up with the cat, but the cat didn’t want much to do with Gigi.

    • I have a Bernedoodle puppy and 2 yr old cat. They love each other kissing and sleeping together on top of my bed. And they wrestle and play nonstop. They got along right away. I just let them create their own relationship.

  3. Mini berniedoodles are so cute!

  4. I have a 5 month old berniedoodle who is intrigued with my lionhead rabbit. I have to keep them apart because the dog wants to play with the rabbit,and I am afraid she might accidentally nip him. Unlike a cat a rabbit has no defense. They get along but the temptation to chase Hop is a constant problem which I believe she will out grow. Our Chesapeake and the rabbit were fast friends.

  5. Any suggestions on where to purchase in Iowa? I also have heard of Tini and Micro Bernedoodles. Is this really a thing or is someone trying to get more $$?

    • I had a breeder in WA state who we agreed on a price with a Mini Bernerdoodle, and then when the litter was ready… she jacked up the price a couple thou, saying well they turned out to be micro-minis (This was 2000 during covid, and she (the breeder) was a bit off… but apparently it is a thing. (But up-ing the cost without warning shouldn’t be… we unfortunately walked away from that dog/breeder).

    • There is a such thing as a tiny bernadoodle which is before the mini bernadoodle

    • Hi Jill,

      Micro-Mini Bernedoodles are definitely available. Estimated weight is 10 to 15 lbs. I have never had a dog over 18# in my life and don’t want to commit long-term to a dog who may be 30# and then find out I can’t do it over their apx 15-year lifespan.

      I am purchasing a micro-mini from BKC Kennels located in Bryce Canyon, Utah. They have a great website, CKC papers, and Mike has been great with his communicaiton and letting me know which ones he has available and their individual personality traits. They still have two additional from the Micro-Mini Bernedoodle litter apx 12-weeks and another litter on the way if you want more choices.

      BKC’s micro-minis are not any more pricy than the mini’s but in looking around it seems they are much harder to find a breeder who offers them. Their pricing within the litter does depend on color and markings. It seems, tri-color puppies (in any doodle varietiy) seem to demand a premium. Mike said generally people prefer the tri’s over two-tone.

      As a bonus… BKC has their puppies litter box trained which is intended to make the training trainsition at home easier. I bought a bunny/guinea pig tall back litter box (smaller than a typical cat version). Mike recommends wood stove pellets as an absorbent which should be less messy.

  6. My 7 month mini bernedoodle will sometimes snap at us. Is this normal?

    • I’m not a dog trainer, and I highly recommend contacting one. Any dog can snap, and there could be many reasons why (sickness, feeling threatened, etc.). A trainer will be able to assess your dog’s behavior and help you come up with a suitable training plan. Your dog is still young and now’s a great time to reach out to someone to help. Best of luck!

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