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You’ve done your research and now you’ve come to the conclusion that a Standard Sheepadoodle (or Mini Sheepadoodle) is the right dog for you and your family! And now you’re searching up “Sheepadoodle puppies for sale” or “Sheepadoodle puppies near me” to try and find the best Sheepadoodle breeder.

Sheepadoodles are growing in popularity. Their teddy bear-like appearance paired with their fun-loving nature makes them an incredibly great dog for an active family. Their increasing popularity means the number of Sheepadoodle breeders is also increasing.

This list of Sheepadoodle breeders will help you find a breeder to add a furry friend to your family!

Disclaimer: please make sure you do your own research into breeders. We do our best to spotlight good breeders but are unable to vet every single breeder on this list and it’s up to you to thoroughly research any person you plan to purchase a puppy from.

What are Sheepadoodles?

Sheepadoodles are designer dogs that are a mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. The size of the Sheepadoodle depends on the size of the parent dog breeds: Standard Poodles will produce larger puppies whereas Miniature or Toy Poodle parents will result in smaller (and often more expensive) dogs.

Here are some quick facts about Sheepadoodles:

  • They are loyal companions with great temperaments and make excellent family dogs
  • They are great for new families or first time dog owners as they are highly intelligent and easy to train
  • They pick up basic commands very fast, although they can be stubborn
  • They get along with all kinds of animals and children, and if socialized and trained properly will love other pets in the home

Sheepadoodle Breeders in North America

Like any dog breeder, it’s important to do your research when searching for a Sheepadoodle puppy to avoid buying from a puppy mill.

While these breeders have come to me as recommendations, this list is meant to serve as a directory of Sheepadoodle breeders and not a personal recommendation.

Please use this list as a starting point and not your final destination. It’s up to you to do proper research.

Sheepadoodle Breeders in the United States

If you are in the United States, you’ll be able to find many Sheepadoodle puppies for sale. The U.S. has lots of reputable Sheepadoodle breeders.

This list of Sheepadoodle breeders is in alphabetical order by State.

2Sisters Doodles – Alabama

Sheepadoodles by Design – Arkansas

California Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodles

California Sheepadoodles – California

Open Range Pups – Colorado

Once Upon a Doodle – Colorado

The Farms Precious Doodles – Indiana

Feathers and Fleece – Indiana

Poodles2Doodles – Iowa

TLC by the Lake – Maryland

Happy Rock Doodles – Michigan

Stoneridge Doodles – Minnesota

Doubletake Doodles – Mississippi

Sandhills Kennel – Nebraska

Dogwood Doodle Bugs – North Carolina

Angel Breeze – Ohio

Fur Baby Acres – Ohio

Brewers Goldendoodles & Sheepadoodles – Ohio

Rockadoodles – Tennessee

The Gray Barn Sheepadoodle – Texas

Cardinal Creek Canines – Texas

Dood Sheepadoodles – Texas

Faith, Love and Doodles – Texas

Red Rooster Kennels – Texas

Utah Wiggle Bottoms – Utah

Perfect Paw Prints Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles – Utah

Kellie’s Sheepadoodles

Lawpdoodle K9 Manor – West Virginia

Sheepadoodle Breeders in Canada

Willow Run Farm – Ontario

  • Willow Run Farm’s has been breeding animals for over 30 years.

Red Dog Canine – Ontario

How I Met My Doodle – Ontario

I Love My Sheepadoodle – Ontario

How to Find the Best Sheepadoodle Breeder

Sheepadoodle laying down

Finding a good breeder is incredibly important.

You do not want to be supporting backyard breeders or any puppy mills, and unfortunately when you search “Sheepadoodle puppies for sale” you can’t always guarantee the results will be quality breeders, making it very important to do your research.

The best way to find out more about your potential breeder is to contact them (via email and phone), visit them and ask lots of questions.

Sometimes visiting isn’t an option, however. You might be purchasing your puppy from another state or province.

In this case, you should be asking lots of questions, speaking to the breeder over the phone and reading lots of reviews.

Good Sheepadoodle breeders (and breeders in general) will happily answer your questions and won’t try to hide anything. They will be open about anything and everything there is to know about owning a Sheepadoodle, including the amount of work that goes into grooming a Sheepadoodle, their temperament, the level of exercise they need and tons more.

A good Sheepadoodle breeder will also be vetting you — they want to make sure their puppies are going to loving homes so if the breeder isn’t asking you any questions, it can also be a red flag.

You should also make note if the breeder has terms and conditions listed on their website. Most breeders will make a point in their contracts stating that the puppy/dog will need to be returned to them if you can no longer care for it.

You also should ask how old the puppy will be when you are able to pick it up. A responsible breeder will not give up a puppy earlier than 8 weeks old, as this is an important developmental phase for puppies where they need their mother and siblings to learn proper socialization skills.

Sheepadoodle Breeders and Waitlists

Many Sheepadoodle breeders have long waitlists. Don’t be put off by a waitlist, however! Sometimes you may need to wait for up to a year before you can get a puppy.

Black and white Sheepadoodle dog siting

It’s important to contact several different Sheepadoodle breeders to see what their waitlist policy is.

You can also join various Sheepadoodle groups on Facebook and ask questions.

Most of us in the Facebook groups know who the bad Sheepadoodle breeders are will be able to let you know if you have a bad feeling about the one you are speaking with.

Sheepadoodle Breeder Red Flags

If any of your potential breeders show these red flags, be very careful. I know that you are likely excited and even in some cases, desperate, to get a hold of a new puppy, but you should never support breeders who do not put the care of the dogs first.

Tread very carefully if your potential breeders:

  • Send the Sheepadoodle puppy to the owners before 8 weeks (a 6-7 week old puppy is NOT fit to leave their mom just yet)
  • Will not show you health testing certificates for the parent dogs
  • Will not show vet records
  • Don’t raise the puppy with the mom and dad dogs on site (especially if the mom isn’t there)
  • Will not give you a health guarantee of the puppy, proving they are free from any diseases prior to arriving in your care.

Adopting a Sheepadoodle

If you are OK with forgoing the puppy stage—and let’s be honest, puppies are a lot of work—then you should look into adopting an adult Sheepadoodle.

Here’s how to find a Sheepadoodle up for adoption:

  • Search through our directory of Doodle rescues and see if there are any available near you.
  • Join Facebook groups for Sheepadoodles and see if any get posted for adoption (if some become available, they usually are shared. You can join our private Sheepadoodle group here)
  • Reach out to breeders in your area. Many breeders request that owners return dogs they can no longer care for back to the breeder rather than to a pound or shelter. Ask the breeder if they do this and if so, ask to be put on a waitlist.

In Conclusion

Finding Standard Sheepadoodle puppies for sale from the best Sheepadoodle breeder can be a daunting process, but doing the proper research will ensure you have a healthy and happy pup.

Whether you are looking to find a Sheepadoodle in Texas or a Sheepadoodle in breeder in California, I hope this list provides you with a starting point.

If you are a breeder wanting to be on our list, please view our breeder directory purchase plans.


How can I find upcoming litters for breeders near me?

Our directory of Sheepadoodle breeders will help you find a breeder near you.

Can I request a specific color for my Sheepadoodle puppy?

No. While most Sheepadoodles are black and white, some puppies are other colors like pure white, grey, or merle. Breeders are not able to predict the colors or marking of their litters with 100% accuracy, therefore, you cannot request specific colors.

What is a health guarantee?

A health guarantee is when the breeder takes the dog to their vet to make sure they are free from any illness or disease.

Why do breeders require a non-refundable deposit?

Not all breeders require a non-refundable reposit but some do. This is to stop people from “dog shopping” and putting their names on multiple waitlists.

Is it better to get a dog from a small family breeder?

Puppy mills come in all shapes and forms, so just because you’re buying from what you think is a “small family breeder” doesn’t mean they are reputable. Make sure to do your research, ask for references, and ask lots of questions! A good breeder will appreciate you taking the time to vet them as well, as they want to ensure their puppies are going to loving and caring homes.

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