Border Collie Rescues

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Border Collies are known as being an incredibly smart dog part of the herding family of dogs. This medium-sized dog normally weighs 30-45 pounds and they are known for being hard-working, playful and energetic!

Rescuing a Border Collie can be a rewarding way to add a new family member to your home.

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How do I Find a Border Collie Rescue Near Me?

Search through our list of Border Collies rescues to find one near you. The list has been divided up into Border Collie rescues in Canada and Border Collie rescues in the United States (broken up by province and state).

While these rescues are specific to Border Collies, you can also search through your local SPCA to see if they currently have any Collie mixes available for adoption!

Border Collie Rescues in Canada

Canada has several rescues specific for Border Collie breed dogs.

ProvinceBorder Collie Rescue Organization
All ProvincesCollie Rescue Network
AlbertaAlberta Herding Dog Rescue
BCThat’ll Do Border Collie Rescue
BCOkanagan Collie Rescue
ManitobaHull’s Haven
OntarioBorder Collie Rescue Ontario
QuebecCreekside Border Collies
Border collie

Border Collie Rescues in America

There are many different Border Collie rescues located in The United States. Many organizations span over several different states. Below, each organization is listed alphabetically by the state they operate in.

StateBorder Collie Rescue Organization
AlabamaAppalachian Border Collie Rescue
CaliforniaBorder Collie Rescue
CaliforniaBorder Collies in Need
ConnecticutNew England Border Collie Rescue
DelawareMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
District of ColumbiaMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
GeorgiaAppalachian Border Collie Rescue
GeorgiaMidwest Border Collie Rescue
IllinoisCome Bye Border Collie Rescue
IndianaMidwest Border Collie Rescue
IndianaCome Bye Border Collie Rescue
IowaMidwest Border Collie Rescue
KansasMo-Kan Border Collie Rescue
KentuckyCome Bye Border Collie Rescue
MaineNew England Border Collie Rescue
MarylandMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
MarylandAtlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue
MassachusettsNew England Border Collie Rescue
MichiganGreat Lakes Border Collie Rescue
MichiganAnimal Rescue Michigan Border Collie Rescue
MichiganMidwest Border Collie Rescue
MinnesotaMidwest Border Collie Rescue
MissouriMo-Kan Border Collie Rescue
MissouriCome Bye Border Collie Rescue
New HampshireNew England Border Collie Rescue
New JerseyMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
New YorkGlen Highland Farm
New YorkMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
North CarolinaCarolina Border Collie Rescue
North CarolinaAtlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue
OhioBuckeye Border Collie Rescue
PennsylvaniaMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
Rhode IslandNew England Border Collie Rescue
TennesseeAppalachian Border Collie Rescue
TennesseeCome Bye Border Collie Rescue
TexasBorder Collie Rescue Texas
VermontNew England Border Collie Rescue
VirginiaMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
VirginiaBlue Ridge Border Collie Rescue
VirginiaAppalachian Border Collie Rescue
VirginiaAtlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue
VirginiaBimmer’s Border Collie Rescue
West VirginiaMid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
WisconsinWisconsin Border Collie Rescue
WisconsinMidwest Border Collie Rescue

Benefits of Rescuing a Border Collie

Adopting a Border Collie can often help you save money in upfront costs as Border Collie puppies can be more expensive than adoption fees.

When you adopt an older dog, you are also potentially adopting a dog that is already trained, however, that is not always the case. You will need to speak to your rescue to see what level of training the dog you are adopting currently has!

If you’re open to other breeds to potentially rescue, take a look at some of our other breed-specific rescue lists:

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  1. That said, for the right owner, a Border Collie is a wonderful dog to live with. His intelligence and tractable nature make him easy to train. He’s sensitive and, according to those who know him well, he has an uncanny ability to know what you’re going to ask of him before you ask it. If he is well socialized and trained from puppyhood, he can adapt to almost any living situation that provides the mental and physical exercise he requires.


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